Note - if you see an abbreviation with "BB" at the front but it's not in the list, separate the "BB" from the rest of the abbreviation and put the terms together. For example: "BB9K" is not in the list, but if you look up "BB" and "9K" separately, you find "Bourbon Barrel" and "Bell's Batch 9000", so you have  a Bourbon Barrel Batch 9000. Boom.

Any abbreviation used for multiple terms are separated with a semicolon. If you see an abbreviation with a number after it and it’s not specifically signified here, chances are the number is just referring to the release year of the beer.

001 - 011: Veritas xxx (series from The Lost Abbey)

2TD: 2 Turtle Doves (special Christmas series from the Bruery)

3F: Drie (3) Fonteinen - do not confuse this as “Three Floyds” which is abbreviated “FFF”

3FH: 3 French Hens

4CB: 4 Calling Birds

4D: Fourth Dementia

5D: Fifth Dementia

5GR: 5 Golden Rings

9000/9K: Bell's Batch 9000

AftW: Adam from the Wood

BA: Barrel-Aged

bal: Barrel-Aged (usually synonymous with BA)

BB: Bourbon-Barrel (usually synonymous with BBA)

BBA: Bourbon-Barrel Aged (usually synonymous with BB)

bbal: Bourbon-Barrel Aged (usually synonymous with BB/BBA)

BBbFT: Bourbon Barrel (banana) French Toast mead from Kuhnhenn (see: BBFT)

BBBW: commonly used for Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine style beers (usually preceeded by the brewer)

BBC: Boston Beer Compamy brewery (makers of Sam Adams beer)

BBCS: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (typically not used to avoid confusion with Bourbon County Brand Stout)

BBFT: Bourbon Barrel French Toast mead from Kuhnhenn (synonymous with BBbFT)

BBVD: Big Black Voodoo Daddy

BC: sometimes used for "Bourbon County" (see: BCBS)

BCBCS: Bourbon County Brand COFFEE Stout

BCBRS: Bourbon County Brand RARE Stout (this is usually referred to as BCS Rare or simply "Rare")

BCBS: Bourbon County Brand Stout

BCBVS: Bourbon County Brand VANILLA Stout

BCS: Bourbon County Stout, common shorthand for "Bourbon County BRAND Stout"  (synonymous with BCBS) , lesser used for Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout

Beat: Beatification (Russian River sour)

BIF: "Beer-It-Forward" (a specific type/method of beer swapping/trading)

BN: Bell’s Black Note

BT: Black Tuesday; sometimes used to signify "Buffalo Trace" bourbon barrel aging

BVDL: Brandy Vanilla Dark Lord (sometimes may be confused for "Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord", usually this is avoided by typing out the "B" word)

BW: barley wine (style of beer)

BW#: Bottleworks # beer

CAftW: Cherry Adam from the Wood

CBC: Cambridge Brewing Company; Columbus Brewing Company

CBH: Curmudgeon's Better Half

CBS: Canadian Breakfast Stout

CC: Cable Car

CCB: Cigar City Brewing

CCK: Cable Car Kriek

CdC: Cuvee de Castleton

CdT: Cuvee de Tomme

CFH: Churchill's Finest hour

CL: Captain Lawrence brewery

CR: Chocolate Rain

CW: Central Waters brewery

CW1414: Central Waters Fourteen Fourteen

CW15: Central Waters Fifteen

DDG: Duck Duck Gooze

DEBC: Deep Ellum Brewing Company

DFH: Dogfish Head brewery

DL: Dark Lord

DONG: "Draft Only, No Growler" meaning a beer is available on tap but not for growler fills

EC: sometimes used to signify "Elijah Craig" bourbon barrel aging

FBS: Founders Breakfast Stout

FF: FiftyFifty brewery; Flaming Fury; Fou' Foune

FfaC: Framboise for a Cure

FFF: Three Floyds brewery (used instead of 3F to avoid confusion with Drie Fonteinen)

FftW: Fred from the Wood

FIS: Founders Imperial Stout

FT: "for trade", used to show what a trader is willing to trade away

FV13: this is not an abbreviation, "FV 13" is the name of a beer by Allagash

FW: Firestone Walker brewery

FW#: Firestone Walker's Anniversary # beer

GABF: Great American Beer Festival

GB: Ghandi Bot

GD: Great Divide brewery

GI: Goose island brewery

GIF: "Growler It Forward" (similar to BIF but with growlers being used)

GL: Great Lakes brewery (see: GLBC)

GLBC: Great Lakes Brewing Company

GM: Grey Monday

HH: sometimes used to signify "Heaven Hill" bourbon barrel aging

HF: Hill Farmstead brewery

HotD: Hair of the Dog brewery

HT: Heady Topper

Huna: short for Hunahpu Imperial Stout

IP: Isabelle Proximus ("Izzy" is preferred); "In-person", refers to making a trade in person

ISO: "In Search Of", used to show what beers a trader is looking for

IST: Imperial Stout Trooper

Izzy: Isabelle Proximus (synonymous with IP)

JD: sometimes used to signify "Jack Daniels" whiskey barrel aging

JK: Jester King brewery

KBE: Kuhnhenn Blueberry Eisbock

KBS: (Founders) Kentucky Breakfast Stout

KH: King Henry

Kopi: refers to "Kopi Luwak", a type of coffee used to flavor certain coffee stouts

KRE: Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock

KtG: Kate the Great

LA: The Lost Abbey brewery

LH: Left Hand brewery

LIF: "Lottery It Forward" (a specific type/method of beer swapping/trading)

'loon: shorthand for Cantillon brewery

MM: sometimes used to signify "Makers Mark" bourbon barrel aging

MoAS: Mother of All Storms

MZ: Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout

NBO: "New BIF Opportunity" (acronym inside of an acronym)

NEBCO: New England Brewing Company

NG: New Glarus brewery

OA: Oak-aged (not to be confused with bourbon barrel aging)

PiaPT: Partridge in a Pear Tree

PnB: Peche n' Brett

PT: Pretty Things brewery

PtE: Pliny the Elder

Pt5: Plead the Fifth

PtY: Pliny the Younger

PVW: used to signify Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrel aging

RR: Russian River brewery

SA: Samuel Adams brewery (actual brewery name is Boston Beer Company);

SC: Sexual Chocolate

SHBRL: Southampton Black Raspberry Lambic

SitR: Sour in the Rye

SNR: Still Nacht Reserva

S&S#/SS#: Society & Solitude #

T20: Toronado 20th anniversary

T25: Toronado 25th anniversary

VDL: a "vanilla" Dark Lord variant, usually Brandy or Bourbon is specified

VF: Victor Francenstein

W12: Westvleteren XII

WC: White Chocolate

Westy: short for "Westvleteren" brewery, usually  referring to Westvleteren XII

WnB: Wake n' Bake Coffee Oatmeal Stout

ZD: Zombie Dust