Each week riders will be ranked based on their ‘Improvement %’. This is a highly sophisticated calculation involving, rider weight, age, bike type, weather conditions, trail conditions, and what color jersey was worn… Or it may be based on the following equation, we are not sure which:

(Personal Best time - Current time) / Personal Best time

The result is a +/- % where +% equals good and -% equals bad. The time used for ‘Personal Best’ is your fastest result from the last 3 events (~6 weeks), or the last event you entered a time.


The rider who puts in the most improved % over his/her personal best shall receive a beer from the rider who has the least improved %.  The beer should be of high quality, preferably 6% ABV or greater, and smell of delicious hops.

Rule # 0.1 ‘The sandbagger rule’

Any rider with an improvement % greater than 10% will be considered ‘a sandbagger’.* Sandbaggers must forfeit any winnings for the day, and be ready for any public ridicule they may receive.

*Certain restrictions apply

Rule # 12.8c

Newbies to the TT must 'buyin' to the weekly standings and be eligible for competition by buying a beer for the 2nd place competitor post competition.  The beer should be of high quality, preferably 6% ABV or greater, and smell of delicious hops.   If there are more than one newbies then the second newbie must buy for 3rd place, third newbie for 4th place, etc..

Rule # 242: In order to record a time, you must have a bike computer or wrist watch that allows a stopwatch style time.  Basically anything that you press to start recording and then again to stop recording.  Any bike computers that have an 'auto pause' option should be turned off.  The time accuracy should also be down to the second, anyone recording a time with zero seconds may be in question!  ONE exception is a GPS enabled smartphone with the STRAVA app installed, where the time recorded for the JETT Segment will be used.*See Rule #242.No.Strava

Rule # 242.No.Strava

Starting April 10th of the year two-thousand and seventeen, STRAVA segments will NO longer be accepted as valid times. See Rule #242 for allowed time keeping devices. After much complaining from the FFG’s every week, removing Strava times will allow the ‘Real’ time leader to lead the roll out every week.

Rule #FFG - ‘I’m first you're last’

The starting order of the riders each week will be based on the current Personal Best (PB) times. The FFG with the fastest PB time will lead, followed by the rider with the second fastest PB time, and so on. Riders who do not consider themselves ‘FFG’s’ and are too far down the list are of no concern, and can roll in whichever order they choose after all the FFG’s have started. *Newbies to the TT should consider themselves NOT an FFG, until they can prove otherwise.