Please read the Training Tutorial on the Standard ID Forums before training someone, as it has very important instructions on how to train your recruits. Use Copy/Paste to make training easier. Make sure everything in this script is told to the new recruit, and the test is completed.

Recruit Training Script:

Hello [Name/s] Welcome to the MI6 Training Program!

Please do not afk as i will need you to do a test at the end. If you have any questions, please save them for the end.

Firstly i want to go over the 4 commands you will need to know here at MI6. Take note of them:

ATT (Attention): Stand up behind your chair, wave and say Yes Sir/Ma'am

AE (At Ease): Sit back down, and continue working.

FTF (Fill The Front): Go to work at a front desk.

BTB (Back to Base): Go back to the MI6 main room.

[Ask if they have any questions about the commands]

At this agency our forums are very important, as this is where we list all our rules and instructions.

In the MI6 forum we have everything you need to get started here. Now i would like you to read through 2 important threads. Please open up the forum of the MI6 Standard ID. Let me know once you have done this.

[Wait for the Recruit to find the forum, assist them if they can't find it]

Perfect, Now in the forum look for a thread called "MI6 Agency Rules". I would like you to read through it, remember you may be tested on these rules. Let me know once you have read over the rules.

[Wait for them to read the rules]

Great, now look for a thread called "Recruit Tutorial [Level 1]" and read that one. Let me know once you're done.

[Once again wait for them to read the tutorial]

Now i'm going to be testing you on some of the stuff you have just learnt.

You will need to whisper the answers, click on me and click the whisper button then send a message.

Okay good luck!

[Note to trainer: If they get something wrong, try to correct them. It is based off your own opinion if you think they're ready to work the front desks but don't abuse this power.]

Firstly i need you to respond to these commands:

Please ATT [If they stand, wave and say Yes Sir/Ma'am they pass]

Please AE [If they sit back down they pass]

Okay now please tell me 3 MI6 rules [2/3 correct rules are required]

Lastly, What does a new Recruit need to before they can enter?

[If the recruit fails, let them know they must retake the test by going back to the MI6 room and joining again. The script would be done at this point for them. If they pass please continue]

Congratulations! You have passed MI6 training!

[Tell them to change their motto to [MI6] Agent I [Your Trainer Tag] also ask them to request the Level 1 Banner which is located in the training room which will be accepted by an admin ASAP. Once their motto is correct and the badge is requested tell them to go BTB to begin working]

You successfully trained a MI6 Recruit. Please remember to log each new agent you train in the Level 3 forums under "Training Logs", this will help you towards promotion and it also make sure that your new agent will get their Level 1 Badge as admins will check the training logs before accepting the new agents.