Periodontal Visit Care Instructions

Great news! More than 90% of patients who are treated for Periodontal Disease and continue with Periodontal Maintenance have successful results and keep their teeth. To better insure a great outcome, there are 3 things we need modify to clear up your infection. First, we need to do a deeper, more focused cleaning (either performed today or next time), give you a few tips on your home care, and see you back for a cleaning every 3-4 months to make sure your periodontal condition stays stable or improves. Of course, the earlier the disease is treated, the better the success rate!  


You can pick up the germs that cause periodontal disease and/or cavities from kissing your spouse or significant other.  Your spouse/significant other should be seeing a dentist regularly to maximize the success of treating your disease. We are happy to provide a free consultation with both of you together if your significant other has not been seen by a dentist in the past six months.


Rinse your mouth 2-3 times per day with your preferred mouth rinse or warm salt water.  This can be made by dissolving one tablespoon of salt in an 8-oz glass of water.  Start home care as instructed.  Do not be concerned if there is mild bleeding during brushing for a few days following the deep cleaning procedure. Brushing twice per day and flossing once per day are key factors to a good prognosis, also use a Waterpik or Sonicare Air Floss if recommended by our hygienist or dentist.

Good food for your gums and oral health

Foods to avoid


What are some risk factors for Periodontal Disease?   


We are pleased to help you throughout this process, we are here anytime you have questions and with your help we can save your teeth and smile!

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