Traffic Patterns at Valley Grove Elementary

Dear Parents & Guardians,

The traffic patterns in the Valley Grove Elementary Parking Lot have remained a topic of concern among parents and staff for some time now. The Valley Grove School District Safety Committee, along with the Sugarcreek Police Department worked together to create a plan that would minimize confusion, while maximizing student safety during arrival and dismissal times.

The most important change in the new plan involves parent traffic during student arrival times. As shown in the picture below, parents will now travel straight to the stop sign, rather than turning left into the visitor parking lot. After yielding to bus traffic at the stop sign, parents will travel into the circular student drop-off area. Students will then exit from the passenger side of the vehicle directly onto the sidewalk, without crossing traffic. Parents will then proceed into the visitor parking lot. If parents are visiting the school, they will park in the visitor lot. If parents are only dropping off students, they will exit through the visitor parking lot.


We greatly appreciate your cooperation with these important procedures to help us keep your children safe at Valley Grove Elementary School. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the elementary office at 432-3861.  


Jake Saullo

Elementary Principal