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IAAIL Introduces New Leadership Team

To our members around the world, as the newly elected president of the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law, I’d like to introduce the organization’s new Executive Committee (EC).  But before I do, I would like to express our gratitude to Radboud Winkels (Univ. of Amsterdam), our outgoing president, and Thorne McCarty (Rutgers Univ.), our outgoing member-at-large, for their service, and especially their stewardship of ICAIL 2013, our biennial conference.  The conference, its workshops and tutorials were a gratifying success.

Now about our leadership team.  The new EC includes the following:

   (representing a collaboration between the Stanford AI Center and the Stanford Law School)

Regarding our objectives and duties for the 2014-2015 term, we will continue to follow the model put in place by our past president, Radboud, insofar as each member on the EC will be responsible for a portfolio which will focus on a particular area of service to the community.  These service portfolios are listed under each member’s affiliations above.

Aside from these areas of service, our perhaps most significant  joint effort will be the organization and overseeing of ICAIL 2015, our next conference.  We will begin to discuss our slate of responsibilities, including ICAIL 2015, during our first teleconference EC meeting next week. You will be hearing more about conference developments later this quarter.

For our next conference, we look forward to both acknowledging the traditional role of research fields such as logical formalisms and the computational modeling of legal arguments and recognizing new directions by way of research fields such as e-discovery in big data environments and machine learning for automating methods of identifying patent trolls.

That said, we are enthusiastic about serving you as your new Executive Committee.  We are committed to delivering a level of service that will exceed that from any EC to date.  Among our focal points: high standards of review by ICAIL 2015 reviewers and thus a high standard for the ICAIL 2015 program; sustained progress on our EC portfolios; new levels of participation for the ICAIL 2015 Mentoring Program; successful implementation of the new Peter Jackson Innovative Application Award; as well as regular and reliable reporting on our activities to you, the IAAIL membership.  Now to get down to business!

     --Jack G. Conrad

       Thomson Reuters R&D