Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Everyone likes to be appreciated, and we at Virtrium truly do appreciate each and every player of our game, Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted.  Many of these Gifted individuals have made Istaria their second home for half a decade now, supporting the work that the game's development team does in both word and deed.  And we at Virtrium decided that the time is long overdue to thank them in some way for their dedication to the world of Istaria.

The idea for a Loyalty Reward program was first proposed in late 2007 when we saw many of our customers put their faith in our newly formed team and subscribed with 6 or 12 month subscriptions.  At that time we made a promise to those customers that we would give them something to display in-game that would show our appreciation.  Loyalty Reward items are now available in Istaria to do just that!  

What's Available:

Currently two sets of items are available through the program:  The Year of the Phoenix and the Year of the Champion sets.  Both offer a range of objects that can be purchased, such as technique kits that can modify existing clothing or equipment, a shoulder pet, and even banners and murals for your lair/plot.  Additional content is under development and may be added at a later date.

The Year of the Phoenix is particularly special for us because it represents the rebirth of Istaria under the direction and management of Virtrium like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

You can check out a preview of available content here:

How to Earn Loyalty Tokens

The Loyalty Rewards Vendor (Anarie) in Bristugo only accepts special Loyalty Reward Tokens as a form of currency.

How to Redeem your Loyalty Tokens

Loyalty rewards are delivered to you on a per-account basis.  You can choose the character that will receive the tokens prior to logging into Istaria via the latest version of the launcher. If you have not updated to the new Java-based launcher, please visit and click Launcher Upgrade.

We hope that everyone in Istaria can proudly display their Loyalty Reward items and continues to enjoy Istaria for many years to come!