DHMN Organizational Meeting

May 27, 2013

Call to Order

Present: Mike P., Bob T-Son, Jason K., Jake K., Paul K., Alex H., Karl P., Ed K., Kristin M., Tylor W., Mark F., Ross L.

Late arrivals: Erin Q-L

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Paul K.

Seconded: Ed K.


Treasurer's Report

Monthly subscriptions total:  $610 (up $100)

# of Full+ members:  11 (up 2)

# of Limited members:  4 (down 1)

Other income: $550 (grant)

5/27/2013 Checking balance: $2080.49

        Checking Monthly Debits: $550 (rent)

        Checking Monthly Credits: $1565 (2 paypal tx, ADI grant @ 550)

Paypal transfers in progress: $0

Paypal Money "Stuck": $541.78

Overall 5/27/2013 assets: 2622.27 (up $627.04)

Outstanding Assets / Liabilities: 550->850 /mo rent.  604/yr insurance

Notes: Good to pay rent and insurance through June, 2014 (Assuming $604/yr insurance)

Moves to approve: Paul K.

Seconded: Jason K.


Old Business


We have two quotes, if nothing changes we will probably go with $604/year.

Jason recommends going with monthly payment for insurance.

Erin said we would get the prorated difference back if we closed.

New Business

Building Security

Jason K. Building management took doorknobs because they couldn’t find keys. Jason is pricing cost of installing a card system for the room doors.

Paul K.: Top priority is a lock on the storage room so members can put stuff in it. The storage room is now all ours. We traded closet space with Avenue HQ.

Jason: To install card strike for street door est. for labor is $120.

Jason: We are looking at a strike for the street door, one room door, and the storage room. (The second room door will be kept locked from the inside.)

Outside door strike: $85 est.

Inside door strike: $40 est.


Erin: We need to file for the dues we are collecting. We need to start the 501.c3 application. Should be done in first two years of our inception. Will allow us to accept donations that can be used as a tax deduction. Cost: 2 to 3 grand to achieve 501.c3.

Ross L: What about associating with an existing 501.c3?

Erin: They need to be in the same activity as us. Erin can look into the Bucket Works relationship with Space Federation.

Erin and Mark F. will meet with the accountant next week.

Informal Donations for Guests

Kristin brought this up because mother would like come to a Thursday Make but doesn’t want to formally join.

Grand Opening

Are we ready?

Ross: Want’s to be more organized first.

Jason: Need security settled for example.

Ross: Let’s table until next month. Grand Opening is important for marketing. Erin: What do we want to show them (What is the sizzle), and how do we follow up?

Jason: Will talk to Appleton Downtown.

*Move to table discussion: Ross

Seconded: Paul


June Picnic

Jason: Can we have it here?

Ross: We need someone to be in charge of the picnic.

Bob W: This year should we skip the picnic and concentrate on the open house

Ross: Maybe think of it as an informal social get together. Aim low and informal.

Discussion arrived at a July picnic.

Ed K. offers his place for June 15.

Erin will make a Doodle Calendar to pick day.

*Move table: Ed

Seconded: Paul


Waivers and Policy

Ross: There is a Policy Procedures board on Trello.

Mark: We need a no dumping policy.

Ross: We need a policy for how to call the police.

Kristin: We need to know what the space can be used for.

Paul: Do we wait for insurance for waivers?

Mark: Insurance is for liability only.

Jason said he would put up signs for how to use the space.

Erin has an employment handbook we can use as a model.

*Rules and Policy committee will report next month.

Limited Members and Member Issues

Paul: Limited Members Don’t Know When the Space is Open.

Ross: Sector 67 has open, closed, and maybe options on their calendar.

Jason: is willing to say he will be here on, for example, Wednesday evenings.

Paul: Server space for members. No external hosting.

Mark: Should be related to DHMN or something many members is using: Mincraft, for example.


Kristin donated her key to Ross.

Erin: This is not the same as a scholarship. Scholarship should be associated with what the recipient will bring to the value of the space.

Ross: Milwaukee Makerspace, takes applications for limited term scholarships, and votes on applicants.

(weblink to MM makership program: http://milwaukeemakerspace.org/makership/)

Erin: It would be good to have some sort of qualifier.

Paul: Can we give Karl a one month scholarship right now?

Erin: I will pay for Karl’s month.

Paul will look into an example application form, and he tabled the rest of the scholarship discussion for a future date.


Mark: Scholarships/sponsorships/makerships all need to be part of membership discussions.

Erin: Do we keep limited membership?

Mark: For now, we give keys to current limited membership, and leave it at that until we settle the scholarship question.

Move: To the public we will no longer offer new limited memberships. Current limited members receive full membership privileges and are encouraged to give more as they are able: Mark

seconded: Ross


Letting Other Groups Use the Space

Ross: anyone who wants to meet here need a member to take responsibility for organizing the event.

Erin: Similar to open make night. Every event we host is marketing the space.

Jason: We are not a hall. Any event should be sponsored by DHMN.

This discussion transitioned into a discussion of organizing the space now that we are getting an idea of how we are using it and we are accumulating stuff.

Move to we sponsor a NEWLUG meeting to be organized by Ross subject to preexisting events: Paul

Jason: seconds


Approve Money for Essential Tools

Mark: Keep a list on the wall of tool requests.

Erin: Jason and Mark can talk about it. Mark has the authority to approve small expenses.

Paul: Good job everyone. Let’s own it!


Move to Adjourn: Paul

Seconded: Tylor