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Seeking a position constructing cross-platform developer SDKs. Knowledgeable about data-driven design for rapid iteration, working in small teams, and being a highly independent abstract-problem solver. I want to make great tools that developers enjoy using.


Developer Tools



C, C++, Obj-C
Lua, Python, JavaScript

Bash (Unix utils)

CMake, QMake

Visual Studio, Qt Creator
CLion, Valgrind

Git, Mercurial, SVN

Linear Algebra
Statistics, Probability

Calculus, Physics

Gameplay, User Interface

GTest, Cont. Integration
OpenGL, Compilers
Linux systems, ALSA

Work Experience

Microsoft - Software Engineer

Jun ‘15 - (Current)

  • Crunched large amounts of data for processing and visualization (SQL, U-SQL, KendoUI).
  • Built extensions when existing tools lacked functionality (U-SQL extensions, C# applications).
  • Designed, architected, and maintained several general-purpose, high-impact data streams.
  • Made servicing decisions based on the results of the data sets (filed bugs, monitored releases).

Open Source

OpenSK - Cross-Platform Streaming Toolkit

May ‘16 - (Current)

  • Creating utilities using the API as it is being developed to understand impact of API design decisions.
  • Became proficient with Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA), PCM streams, general sound architecture.

RefN - Cross-Platform C++ Reflection eNgine

Feb ‘16 -  (Current)

  • Automated reflection registration via provided tools, which allow reflection to generate pre-build.
  • Supports hooking into build system to only generate reflection when changes are detected.

School Projects

Karma - Modern OpenGL Framework

Jan ‘15 - Apr ‘15

  • A configurable multi-pass deferred renderer with class encapsulations of the OpenGL API.
  • Physically Based Rendering, Image Based Lighting, Filmic Tonemapping (via. Naughty Dog).
  • Per-Fragment Motion Blur, Area Lights, SSAO, Soft Shadows, swappable BRDF subroutines.
  • Published technical documents outlining implementation (

Ping - 3D Perception-Based Horror

Jul ‘13 -  Jul ‘14

  • Wrote a reflection system that allowed deeper type-introspection of C++ classes.
  • Leveraged reflection system for easy Lua interfacing (types, function, methods, C++/Lua binding).
  • Created a cross-platform, type-safe, hot-swappable resource management system.

Demon Drum - 2D Atmospheric Puzzle

Sept ‘12 - Apr‘13

  • Created a component-based engine so that developers could work within their own systems.
  • Architected the event system for easy registration of events allowing for easier code decoupling.
  • Created the level parsing for quick serialization and deserialization of game scenes.


DigiPen Institute of Technology - Redmond, WA

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

  • Magna Cum Laude, Student of the Year (2014), Dean’s List (several)

Aug ‘11-May ’15