The Odin Project Press Kit

Last updated: 3/24/2014


  1. About
  2. Team
  3. FAQ
  4. Logos
  5. Screencaps
  6. Contact
  7. Legal

1. About:

The Odin Project is a website where total beginners can learn web development for free.  Unlike other online resources which either teach a narrow set of concepts or only go part way, we lay out a complete path to take a student from being a total newbie to becoming hireable as a junior web developer.  We are emphatically project-based because there’s nothing as powerful as having a strong portfolio of work when applying for jobs.

We are also an open source project and our students -- who are currently learning web development -- are actually putting their knowledge to use by building the tools they use to learn.  It’s a happy feedback loop.  

We believe:

  1. You learn best by actually building projects on your own computer
  2. Education should be free and accessible to everyone
  3. The best way to stay motivated is by working with other people
  4. Open source is best

You can learn more about The Odin Project at

2. Team:

Erik Trautman

The project was founded by Erik Trautman, who left a lucrative career on Wall Street in 2012 to do something more meaningful with his life and discovered the power of web development along the way.  He wasn’t satisfied with either the experience of learning online or the quality of resources available so he enrolled at -- and eventually worked for -- a 9-week coding bootcamp.  

While there, he saw the other 99% of people out there who couldn’t afford to attend a bootcamp and were struggling without a clear path or companionship.  He started The Odin Project to help guide these people in their journeys to becoming web developers.

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The website has been built with the help of many individual collaborators, including current students.  Reach out via the contact methods listed below if you’d like to get in touch with a current student and/or collaborator.  They tend to be pretty passionate fans :)

3. FAQ

For FAQs, please see the relevant section of our website at

4. Logos

The following logos have been optimized at several resolutions so DO NOT SCALE or alter them in any way.  The license for their use is at the end of this document.  If these are insufficient, please contact us as directed in the “Contact” section below.

Logo with Text:



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Logo (no text):






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5. Screencaps

Screencaps may be resized as appropriate.  The combined logo/screencap license is provided at the end of this document.

Short screencap:

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Long Screencap:

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6. Contact

For standard inquiries, please reach out to

For urgent inquiries, please contact or call (415) 745-2744

7. Legal

Guidelines for conditional use of’s logo and screencaps

By using the logo, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The logo must be used “as is.” You may not alter the logo in any manner, including size, proportions, color or design. You may not animate, morph or otherwise distort its perspective or appearance.
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  4. You may not use the logo or screencap on any form of merchandise.
  5. Your use of the logo or screencap may not directly or indirectly imply’s sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your product or service, unless has specifically granted written approval for such use. If you have not been granted official written approval to use the logo or screencap, the following disclaimer should be included on all web pages containing the image: [Your site name] is not affiliated with or endorsed by, Inc.
  6. The use must not be harmful or damaging to the value of any of the marks, its brand integrity, reputation or goodwill, such as use in connection with products, services or other content that (a) is obscene, harassing, defamatory, filthy, violent, pornographic, abusive, threatening, objectionable or illegal (b) advocates or encourages criminal conduct, or (c) may give rise to civil liability.
  7. Use of any logo or screencap is at your own risk. The uses permitted by are provided “as is,” without any warranties whatsoever, express or implied, including (without limitation) any warranty of ownership or non-infringement of a third party’s intellectual property rights. reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to terminate or modify your permission to display the logo or screencap at any time.
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  10. Your misuse of a logo or screencap may cause irreparable harm. may pursue injunctive relief without posting a bond or proving actual damages to remedy misuse by you.
  11. You agree to indemnify and defend for any damages, costs and attorneys’ fees arising from or related to your violation of these guidelines.