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éţar uasoe llaƶme almalie alamrikie

Broad implications of the US financial crisis 

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ínqaz  rescue   in case

íqtcad * economy   act sad

íqtácád iqtcd * economize

ađtrŧ  forced   add turret

aǵlb  most

aƶme  crisis   (mar)asmus, marasme(fr)

alázi  which   aladdin

aná  since

anja'  establishment   inch

andfao  rush   and fair

anhiar  collapse  in here

aotmada oly  based on   ya to matter

aql  less   a cull

aqrar  approval   accord

aqcy  strongest possible

artfao  increase   ear to fair

astrdad  recover   easter dad

acbħt  became   a spa hut

auđħt  explained   (h)ow dat

axtcar  briefly   ich tsar

az  as, since   is

árbaħ  prof

ékbar  more

bio  sell  

bsaŧe  simply   basata(it)

bŧale  unemployment   battler

jk  doubt   shack

diun  debt  

drge   degree

drsa drus  lesson

duna  without   donor

dur  role   dour

đħie  victim   di hi (it’s her)

đman  guarantee   da man

đof  weak   darf(de)

đuabt  controls   do a bit

fiáry  consider  

fqaoe   bubble

irun  believe   ya ruin

itm  are   yeti

ituqo * is expected   yitawokka

ksad  depression   sad

labud mn  should be

mali  financial

mdir mdiru  manager   m’ dear

mnz  since   moonth

mqtrđ  borrower   mook to read

mtħde  united   mutter(de) header

mtuoţre  distressed

asse assat institution   Moses

mxaŧre mxaŧr  risk

nmu  growth   no more

ntige  result

(al)oqari  real estate   allocate, alquilar(es)

qasia  cruel

qime  value   chemo

qrđ qruđ  loan   karada(jp), crude

rqabe  regulation  recover

cnduq  fund   fnduq (hotel)

sor ásoar  price   czar

ststmr  continue   sustain, sostenere(it)

suq ásuaq  market   souk(fr)

támim  nationalization

tdaul  dealing (buying/selling)   to deal

tdxl  intervention   pterodactyl

tqum oly  based on   Tacoma

trag(o)u  fall   (en)tourage

tstŧio  able   test a tear

tuod  is   to add

tuaqf  stopped   to walk off

tuaso  expansion   to us

adi oly  lead to   toward

uasoe  wide   why see

uđo  put   wodda

ugdt   found

ulaiat  states   will i at

xbir xbra'  expert   kbir

oly alrǵm mn aqrar mgls alnuab alamriki lxţe alanqaz almali, ala an kţira mn alaqtcadiin

Despite the approval of the U.S. vouse of Representatives financial rescue plan, still many of the economists

irun an éţar alaƶme almalie alti tmr bha alulaiat almtħde uasoe gdaṇ, uststmr lftre ŧuile.

believe the effects of the financial crisis experienced by the US are very wide and will continue for a long time

xŧe alanqaz tqum oly anja' cnduq ljra' aldiun almtoŧre mn almússat almalie bmblǵ 700 mliar dular,

rescue plan based on the establishment of a fund to buy distressed debt from financial institutions to an amount of 700 billion dollars,

utod ékbr tdxl ħkumi fi alasuaq almalie mnz alksad alkbir alzi torđ lh aloalm mn 1929 aly 1932,

and is the largest government intervention in financial markets since the Great Depression which hit the world from 1929 to 1932,

ualhdf alasasi mnha hu tufir alsiule allaƶme lmno anhiar alnźam almali alamriki

the primary goal of which is to provide the necessary liquidity to prevent the collapse of the US financial system

fi rái áħd almsúulin alsbb alrýisi llaƶme hu altuso alkbir fi alqruđ aloqarie fi alsuq alamriki aotmada oly alartfao alkbir fi asoar aloqarat.

in the opinion of one official the main reason for the crisis is a major expansion in real estate loans in the U.S. market based on the significant increase in real estate prices

lkn mo trago alnmu alaqtcadi fi alulaiat almtħde tragot asoar aloqarat mn ghe, utuqf mqtrđun on sdad diunhm llbnuk mo ƶiade albŧale mn ghe axry,

but with the decline in economic growth in the United States real estate prices fell on the one hand , and borrowers stopped repaying their debts to the banks with the increasing unemployment on the other ,

ubaltali ugdt albnuk anha la tstŧio bio aloqarat lastrdad qime alqruđ lan qime hzh aloqarat, bbsaŧe, acbħt aql kţira mn qime alqruđ

and thus the banks found they can not sell real estate to recover the value of loans so the value of these properties , simply , have become much less than the value of loans.

ualntige, ħsb ucfh, an fqaoe alqruđ aloqarie qd anfgrt

The result , as described , that the mortgage bubble has burst .

uiđif xbir éxr balbnk alduli án tdaul alqruđ aloqarie fi alasuaq itm dun rqabe udun đuabţ uan ganba kbira mn hzh alqruđ aloqarie tcbħ bla đman aza anhart asoar aloqarat, uhu ma ħdţ.

another World Bank expert adds that trading of mortgages on the market is without supervision and without controls and that the large part of these mortgages become without guarantee if real estate prices collapse, which is what happened

baxtcar auđħt alaƶme đof alrqabe ualđuabŧ oly alasuaq almalie alamrikie, uandfao alkţir mn mdiriha ltħqiq alarbaħ baqcy drgat almxaŧre,

Briefly the crisis is explained by weak oversight and controls on financial markets of America , and a lot of managers rushed to achieve profit with the strongest degree of risk,

uađŧrt alħkume alamrikie lltdxl fqamt btámim jrkti "fridi mak" u"fani mai", akbr músstin llaqrađ aloqari fi alulaiat almtħde,

and forced the U.S. government to intervene with nationalizing the companies " Freddie Mac " and " Fannie Mae " , the largest two institutions for mortgage lending in the United States

ŧm qdmt xŧe alanqaz almali. áma on ntaýg hzh aláƶme firy xbir mali· an hzh alaƶme stúdi aly tǵiir alŧriqe alti toml bha albnuk ualmússat almalie alamrikie,

it then presented the financial bailout plan . As for the outcome of this crisis, financial experts consider that it will lead to changing the way they operate banks and american financial institutions,

az labd mn uđo đuabŧ akbr oly omliat alaqrađ aloqari, uoly omliat bio alqruđ bin albnuk .

as should be greater controls on mortgage lending operations , and on the process of selling loans between banks .

kma iry an alaƶme stúdi aly aqame aţar oam duli gdid ltnźim alasuaq almalie ħty la ikun alaqtcad aloalmi đħie lmjklat amrikie,

They also believe the crisis will lead to the establishment of a new international general framework for the organization of financial markets so the global economy will not be a victim of American problems ,

uituqo an iqum hza alnźam alnqdi alduli algdid oly dur aurubi uésiui akbr udur amriki aql.

this is expected to be a new international monetary system in which the European and Asian roles are greater and the U.S. less .

an hzh alaƶme tmţl drsa qasia lladare alamrikie igb an ttolm mnh

as this crisis represents a harsh lesson for the US administration they should learn from it.

u iry aǵlb alaqtcadiin an drus hzh alaƶme stǵir alkţir fi oalmna.. stǵir ŧriqe oml alasuaq ualnźam almali alduli,

and most economists believe that the lessons of this crisis will greatly change our world .. will change the way markets and international financial system function,

u sitǵir blaj k dur alulaiat almtħde fi hza alnźam

and no doubt will change the role of the United States in this  system.

uajnŧn mstode lـ"dblumasie mbajre" mo íiran

Washington ready for " direct diplomacy " with Iran

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ídare  administration  

ígrađat  measures

íqnao  convincing   ick naa

ístirad  import

anthag  pursue, adopt

anxraŧ  engage   in here art

aolnt  announced   alana

astodad  is ready   easter dad

atahmt  accused   dammit

ágrat  conducted   agir(fr)

ámin  secretary

ásbuo ásabio  week   (L)isboa

áuraq  leaves, papers

áuraq aotmad  credentials

bjde deeply

bja provided   shirt

bdát  began

bioh  sold

brumath  whole   broom a tea

jrake  partnership   shrek

đǵuŧ  pressures  

đrurie  necessary

dul dula  country, nation

guhd (ghud)  effort   good

ga'  came   gia(it)

ħadaṇ  severe

ħaƶme  firm

ħaliaṇ  currently

ħdad  set

ħuar  dialogue   he war

inbǵi an  = igb an

iujakil  posed

iujar íly is noted, said

kbry  major   cobra

mađi  previous

mbajire  direct

mgls  council

mħadţe mħadţat  talk

mkţf  intensive   m cut off

mlaf  file   me laugh

mnha  including

mntge  producer   montage

mnŧqe  region   men tucker

mnźme  organization

munz   since   moonth

monie b  conerned with  mania(de)

mqar  HQ headquarters   m car

mraraṇ  repeatedly

mstode  ready

mtaħde  united

mŧalb  demand

muacle  continuation   more seller, muscle

njiŧe  active  nashita(jp)

nahg  approach   nage(fr)

nƶal  disappear

nqcaṇ  shortages   knocks on

ntŧlo aly  we look fwd to   nutella

nuui  nuclear   now are we

oam  general, year

oduie  member

ohd  era

oqba  after

qad had, could, might

qalq  worried   calculate

qum aumm  nation

rfđt  refused   refuted, we’ve had it

sabq  former

sabt  saturday   sabbath, sabado(es)

sfir  ambassador   sapphire

sħife  newspaper   safer

tjml  including   tajmahal

tfauđ  negotiate

tgahul  ignore

thdid  threat

tltƶm  committed

tnfiz  fulfil   ten fizz

tncib  inaugural

toaml  to deal

toaun  cooperation   town

tslm  receive, adopt

tcriħat  remarks   tcri heart

tŧalibu  demanding

tŧlo aly  look forward to

tuagh  is facing

tuţni  discourage   tooth knee

txali on   abandon   to hell

txcib  enrichment   sieb(de)

uagbat  obligations   which bat

uđo  situation   wodda, wadai(jp) 

uod  promised   ooh aah’d

uqf  stop

xam  raw

xŧab  address   ktab

zri-e  atomic

áolnt alsfire alamirkie algdide ldy alamm almtħde suƶan rais astodad bladha llanxraŧ fi "dblumasie mbajre" mo íiran bjan almlf alnuui

the new US Ambassador to the UN , Susan Rice, announced her country is ready to engage in " direct diplomacy " with Iran over the nuclear file ,

bjrŧ tnfiz ŧhran lqrarat mgls alámn alduli alti tŧalbha buqf txcib aliuranium

provided Tehran fulfils UN Security Council resolutions demanding that it suspend uranium enrichment .

ga' zlk oqb mħadţat ágrtha fi mqr alámm almtħde bniuiurk mo alámin aloam llmnźme aldulie ban ki mun alzi tslm áuraq aotmadha.

this came after talks conducted in the United Nations headquarters in New York with Secretary -General of the UN Ban Ki-moon , who received her proposals.

uqalt rais fi tcriħat llcħfiin " ntŧlo aly anthag dblumasie njŧe tjml dblumasie mbajre ħial airan, ukzlk muacle toaunna ujraktna mo mgmuoe aldul alst" almonie baltfauđ mo airan.

Rice said in remarks to reporters , " We look forward to pursue active diplomacy , including direct diplomacy towards Iran , as well as to continue our cooperation and partnership with the group of six " concerned to negotiate with Iran .

ijar íly ánh fi ohd ídare alrýis alsabq gurg buj rfđt uajnŧn mrara ígra' mħadţat mbajre mo ŧhran bján almlf alnuui uín kant qd agrt mħadţat mbajre bján aluđo alámni fi aloraq.

it is noted that in the era of former President George W. Bush, Washington repeatedly refused to hold direct talks with Tehran on the nuclear file , even if they had held direct talks on the security situation in Iraq .

uqalt rais llcħafiin "la nƶal qlqin bjde ħial althdid alzi ijklh albrnamg alnuui alairani oly almnţqe ualulaiat almtħde ualmgtmo alduli brmth".

Rice said to reporters, " We remain strongly concerned about the threat posed by the Iranian nuclear program on the region, US and entire international community ."

uáđaft ánh sttm drase alígra'at alđrurie lmuacle alđǵuŧ oly ŧhran luqf brnamgha alnuui.

adding they will study the procedures necessary to keep the pressure on Tehran to halt its nuclear program.

uqalt ín alħuar ualdblumasie igb án istmra "mo rsale ħaƶme gda mn ganb alulaiat almtħde ualmgtmo alduli mfadha anh inbǵi an tltƶm airan buagbatha alti ħddha mgls alamn alduli"

They said that dialogue and diplomacy must continue " with a very firm message by the US and international community that Iran should be committed to her obligations set by the UNSC ."

ukan alrýis alámriki barak áubama qd uod fi xŧab tncibh alásbuo almađi bnhg gdid fi altoaml mo almlf alnuui alíirani

and U.S. president Barack Obama had promised in his inauguration speech last week, a new approach in dealing with the Iranian nuclear file

ijar íly án mgmuoe aldul daýme alođuie fi mgls alámn íđafe íly álmania tqud alghd aldblumasi almkţf líqnao ŧhran baltxli on txcib aliuranium.

It is said that the group of permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany lead the intensive diplomatic effort to convince Tehran to abandon uranium enrichment.

uathmt alukale aldulie llŧaqe alzrie fi nufmbr/tjrin alţani almađi íiran bmuacle tgahl mŧalb mgls alámn.

accused the International Atomic Energy Agency last November Iran of continuing to ignore the demands of the Security Council .

ukant cħife briŧanie qd zkrt alsbt almađi án ŧhran tuagh ħalia nqca ħada fi aliuranium allaƶm lmuacle brnamgha.

and it was a British newspaper which had stated last Saturday that Tehran is currently facing a severe shortage of uranium needed to continue the program .

uađaft alcħife án dula mnha briŧania ualulaiat almtħde ufrnsa uálmania bdát ghda dblumasia mkţfa mnz nhaie aloam almađi ltŧni kbry aldul almntge lliuranium alxam on bioh íly íiran.

The newspaper added that countries, including Britain, US, France and Germany began an intensive diplomatic effort since the end of last year to discourage major producing countries for raw uranium sold to Iran.

alkamirun tuagh ǵana mgddaṇ bnhaýi kás áfriqia lljbab

Cameroon faces Ghana again in cup final Basis of African Youth

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áhdaf  goals

bŧule  championship

juŧ  half (of game)

fariq  difference in points

fuƶ  winning

kás  cup

mbarae  game

mntxb  national team

mţire  exciting

nźir  counterpart

oƶ-ƶ  reinforced

on ŧriq  by (scored by)

sg-l / áħrƶ  scored (goal/point/win)

altáhl  qualifying

ísr  lead

tqlic reduce

tmkn mntxb alkamirun mn altáhl íly almbarae alnhaýie lbŧule kás áfriqia lljbab "ruanda 2009", bod fuƶh alárboa' oly nźirh alnigiri bhdfin dun rd, liuagh almntxb alǵani,

Enables team of Cameroon to qulaify for the final of the African Youth Cup " Rwanda in 2009 ," after defeating Nigerian counterpart on Wednesday with two goals without reply , to face team Ghana ,

alzi táhl fi uqt sabq íţr fuƶh oly gnub áfriqia bárboe áhdaf lţlaţe, oly lqb albŧule aláħd.

who qualified earlier, after beating South Africa by four goals to three , for the championship title Sunday .

ga't almbarae aláuly fi aldur ncf alnhaýi mţire uǵnie baláhdaf, ħiţ ngħ almntxb alǵani fi ínha' aljuŧ alául mtqdmaṇ bhdfin, on ŧriq duminik adiiah fi aldqiqe 25, uáusi ransfurd fi aldqiqe aláxire

The match was the first in the semifinals exciting and rich goals , where team Ghana succeeded at the end of the first half ahead by two goals , by pominic Adiyiah in the 25th minute , and Ozzy Ransford scored in the final minute.

ufi aldqiqe 63 mn aljuŧ alţani, ngħ finǵu fumulili fi tqlic alfarq msglaṇ alhdf alául lgnub áfriqia, íla án éndri áiu áoad alfarq íly ma kan olih, bodma sgl hdfaṇ ţalţaṇ lmntxb ǵana bod dqiqe uaħde.

In the 63rd minute of the second half , Vingo Fumulili succeeded in reducing the difference by registering the first goal for South Africa , Andre Ayew returned the difference to what it was , after scoring a third for Ghana after one minute .

uoƶƶ ransfurd alfarq mre áxry bhdfh aljxci alţani ualrabo llmntxb alǵani fi aldqiqe 71,

Ransford boosted the difference again with his 2nd and team Ghana’s 4th in the 71st minute ,

qbl án iħrƶ mntxb gnub áfriqia hdfin mttaliin on ŧriq suriru sulani fi aldqiqe 72, ufumulili fi aldqiqe 87

before team South Africa scored two goals in a row, Sorero Soualna in minute 72 , and Fumulili in minute 87 ,

ltnthi almbarae btáhl ǵana íly almbarae alnhaýie. ukan almntxban alkamiruni ualǵani qd altqia đmn mnafsat áuly gulat almgmuoe aláuly, fi 18 inair/ kanun alţani algari,

the game ended with qulaifying Ghana to the final, and the 2 teams Cameroon and Ghana had met in the first rounds of the competition in the first group , this 18 January ,

ħiţ antht almbarae baltoadl bhdf lkl mnhma. usuf iltqi almntxban "algriħan" gnub áfriqia unigiria, fi mbarae tħdid almrkƶin alţalţ ualrabo, alsbt almqbl

where the game ended in a draw, and the 2 teams will meet " Jerihan " South Africa and Nigeria , in the match to decide the third and fourth places, next Saturday

él ǵur iħzr mn xŧr alaħtbas alħrari oly alárđ

Al Gore warns of the danger of global warming on the ground

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aħtbas  retaining

íħtbas ħrari  global warming

anboaţ  emission   in bath

ínboaţ alkrbun  carbon emission

antjar  spreading

artfao  high

astgabe  response

asthlak * consumption

ítfaq * deal   it fair

ítfaqie  agreement

atxaz  take   it has

ákad  confirmed

ánźar  attention

árđ  ground, land

ácdart  publish, release  

áţr éţar  effect   other

áţny  praised   athena

élat éliat * mechanism   allay

bi b  start   bid

bfol  due to   fall(de)

baħţ on * search for  bot

biýie  environmental   bahia

jaŧý juaŧý  beach   shore

đarr  harm

algari  current

gaýƶe  prize

ghathi  his part

ǵarq  flooding, drowning

k..  such as

ħaýƶ  winner   has

ħd  limit, border

ħiţ where

ħiýe  department   hey, er

ħmaie  protect   heimat(de)

ħmaie albiýe environmental protection

ħqiqie  real

ħrari  heat   harare

ħzr mn án  warned  hazard,hasard(fr)

iaŧmħ  hope, aspire

ƶraoe * agriculture   zi raw

kure  globe, ball

kre alárđie  earth

lħd  reduction, limiting

ma qalahu  what he talked about

mgal  field(s)

mnax  climate   monarch

mrđ ámrađ  disease   malade(fr)

msanade  supporting

mstuy * almiah  water level   moss tower

mcadr  sources   miss other

mtxcc mtxccun  specialist

mħtamr  conference

mţl hzh  such

mxaŧre mxaŧr  risk

naħie  hand, term

nhaie  end

alnatg on  caused by

oame  public   oalm=world

odid mn  many   i did

okd  happen   occured

olaqat  relation   eloquent

qđie * qđaia  issue

qđiat case   caddy at

sabq  former   (it’)s ah back

siase  policy   see us

siakun  will be

sioqad  will be held

slbie  negative

cano cnao  maker

tǵir mnaxi  climate change   monarchy

ud mn  challenge, limit

tħzirat  warnings

tqrir tqarir  report   t’ecrire(fr)

trjid ísthlak alŧaqe  energy conservation

taruig  promotion

ttđamn  include

aur * development   to tower

tuagh * to face   ugh(ar)=face, wagger

taugih   direct

altuqio  signature   tokyo

adi  lead to   toward

aid  support   to aid

ŧaqe  energy   tucker

uđo  develop, set, put

xargie  foreign   cargo

xlal  during   vlal during ramadan

xŧr áxŧar  danger   cutter

źahre  phenomenon

ħzr naýb alrýis alámriki alsabq él ǵur mn án alkre alárđie qd tuagh áxŧara ħqiqie bfol źahre alaħtbas alħrari ualtǵir almnaxi,

Warned former U.S. Vice President Al Gore that the Earth may face real threats by Global warming and climate change ,

uqal él ǵur fi ħdiţh íly áođa' fi alkunǵrs ín oly alulaiat almtħde altoaun mo almgtmo alduli lltuqio oly atfaqie tħd mn mţl hzh almxaŧr

Gore said in a speech to members of Congress for the US to cooperate with the international community to sign an agreement to limit such risks .

uqal él ǵur fi ħdiţh íly hiýe alolaqat alxargie fi alkunǵrs alámriki: "ín oly alulaiat almtħde ualoalm altuqio oly mţl hzh alatfaqie xlal aloam algari."

Gore said in a speech to the Commission on Foreign Relations in U.S. Congress : " that the US and the world , are signing such an agreement during the current year . "

uákd ǵur án ái atfaqie igb án ttđmn kliat llħd mn anboaţ alkrbun.

Gore confirmed any agreement must include mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions .

mn ghth, qal rýis alhiýe gun kiri ín alsiase aloame igb án ttǵir, kma igb alastgabe lltħzirat alti iŧlqha almtxccun fi mgal alárđ ualmnax.

For his part, commission President John Kerry said that public policy must change , and also respond to warnings fired by specialists in fields of land and climate.

mn naħie áxry, ákd xbra' albiýe án alđrr alnatg on źahre alaħtbas alħrari qd túdi íly ǵrq aljuaŧý bfol artfao mstuy almiah,

On the other hand , environmental experts confirmed that the damage caused by the phenomenon of global warming could lead to sinking beaches due to high water level ,

kma sikun lhzh alźahre kţar slbie oly alƶraoe, balíđafe íly antjar alámrađ almusmie.

also this phenomenon will have a negative impact on agriculture , in addition to the spread of seasonal diseases .

mn ganbh, áéd alsinatur ritjard luǵar án oly alulaiat almtħde albd' balbħţ on mcadr áxry llŧaqe kalŧaqe aljmsie ualħrarie.

For his part , stressed Senator Richard Lugar that the United States begin to search for other energy sources such as solar energy and thermal

uŧalb ǵur, alħaýƶ oly gaýƶe nubl llslam fi 2007 lghudh albiýie, cnao alqrar fi alulaiat almtħde bđrure atxaz ígra'at aqtcadie tsaod fi ħmaie albiýe.

and told Gore , winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2007 for his environmental efforts, decision-makers in the U.S. need to take economic measures to help protect the environment .

uáţny ǵur oly ghud alrýis alámriki barak áubama uídarth fi altruig ltrjid asthlak llŧaqe, ualbħţ on mcadr gdide, uuđo xŧŧ lħmaie albiýe kastxdam alsiarat alxđra' mţla

Gore praised the efforts of the U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration in the promotion of rationalizing the consumption of energy, the search for new sources, and develop plans to protect the environment by using green cars for example .

utúid alodid mn aldrasat aldulie ma qalh él ǵur fi hza alagtmao, ħiţ ácdrt almgmuoe alħkumie lltǵir almnaxi fi alulaiat almtħde, ualákadimie aluŧnie llolum, ualhiýe alámrikie lltŧur alolmi tqarir lmsande ǵur fi qđith.

Supports many international studies what Al Gore said in this meeting , where the Government group on climate change in the US , the National Science Academy , and the US organisation of Scientific pevelopment released reports supporting Gore in his case .

uiŧmħ ǵur uhiýe alolaqat alxargie fi alulaiat almtħde íly tugih alánźar lmţl hzh alqđaia fi almútmr albiýi alduli alzi sioqd fi aldnmark nhaie aloam algari.

and aspires Gore and the Foreign Relations pept in the United States to direct attention to such issues in International environmental conference to be held in penmark later this year.


qracne ixŧfun sfine nfŧ álmanie bxlig odn

Pirates hijack German oil vessel in the Gulf of Aden 

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artfao  high   ear to fair

atħad  union   Etihad

ádt  led   adit

áolnt  announcement   ala net

bħrie  navy

jrq  east   shark

jruq  sunrise   from the east

ígmali  total   pygmallion

íŧlaq alnar - firing bullets   it luck

frd áfrad  member   offroad

hgme hgmat  attacks

hgum  attack   he come

icb iucb  hurt   usurp

ƶadt  increased   (i)s that it

klife tkalif  cost   caliph

kţira  intense

lukale  told   local

ma ƶalt  still  

mħtgƶe  held   hotage(fr)

msaode  assistance

nql  transportation   knuckle

naqle  tanker

nfŧ  petroleum   rosneft(ru)

omlie  process   i’m leah

qrcan qracne  pirate   cursin’, karasu(jp), cuirass

que quat  force   core

sfine sfn  ship

tbadl tbadlat  exchange   to bottle

tjark  involved   to share

torđt  suffered, came under   turret

tqcd  intend, purpose, destn   taxi

ttđħ  clear  to tidy

ŧaqm áŧqm  crew

ughe  destination  weegee

xŧf  kidnapped, hijacked   cut off

xŧf qracne alxmis naqle nfŧ álmanie tblǵ ħmultha ákţr mn 3400 ŧn fi xlig odn, ħsb ma áolnth músse mlaħie umsúulun kiniun.

Thursday pirates hijacked a German tanker with a payload capacity of more than 3400 tons in the Gulf of Aden , according to the announcement by the maritime foundation and Kenyan officials.

uqal ándru muanǵura mn brnamg msaode mlaħi jrq áfriqia lukale ruitrƶ ín alqracne xŧfua alnaqle uoly mtnha ŧaqm mn 14 jxca, hm índunisi uaħd u13 flbinia.

Said Andrew Mwangura of the program of maritime assistance in East Africa told Reuters that the pirates hijacked the tanker with a crew of 14 people , they are one Indonesian and 13 Filipinos .

ulm ttđħ bod alughe alti kant tqcdha alsfine almxŧufe, ualti qal msúul fi albħrie alkinie ín ħadţ xŧfha orf tbadla kţifa líŧlaq alnar, mđifa ánh iotqd án áia mn áfrad ŧaqmha lm icb fi alomlie.

It was not clear yet what was the intended destination of the hijacked ship , which said an official in the Kenyan Navy knew that the hijacking incident involved heavy exchanges of fire , adding that he believed that none of the crew members was hurt in the process.

ukan almktb alduli llnql albħri qal fi uqt sabq ín áomal alqrcne ƶadt bnsbe 11% oam 2008, bod slsle lm isbq lha mţil mn alhgmat đd alsfn.

And the International Bureau of Shipping said earlier that piracy increased by 11 % in 2008 , after a series of unprecedented attacks against ships .

uádt hgmat alqracne íly artfao tkalif alnql albħri udfot uajnŧn ualatħad aláurubi íly njr quat bħrie uguie fi almnŧqe. utjark 14 dule fi alquat albħrie bígmali 20 sfine.

and pirate attacks led to higher costs of shipping and pushed Washington and the European Union to deploy naval and air forces in the region, with 14 countries participating with a total of 20 naval ships .

ǵir ánh la ibdu án alqracne ixafun mn hzh alghud aldulie, íz blǵ odd alsfn alti torđt lhgmathm aloam almađi uħdh nħu 110, binha 42 axtŧft 14 mnha ma ƶalt mħtgƶe umoha 240 jxca mn áŧqmha .

vowever, it doesn’t seem the pirates are afraid of these international efforts , as the number of ships that came under attack in the past year alone, around 110 , including 42 hijacked, 14 of them are still being held , along with 240 people from the crews .