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16th October 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Digitally Enhanced Learning for 2020

Mount Hutt College is pleased to continue the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programme so that all students bring their own computer to school. The BYOD programme will allow each student to have access to their own computer to complete work both during lessons and at home.

Our experience with our current BYOD programmes over the years and extensive research show:

Recommended Laptops

The choice of the device will largely be up to families although there are minimum specifications that all devices must have:


Students may already have a device that will be suitable. As it is important for all students to have access to a suitable device, our school has a small number of loan devices if required.  


ELearning in the classroom

The amount that students will use their devices will differ from class to class and teacher to teacher. Some subjects lend themselves to using computers more naturally than others. All teachers have been provided considerable professional development and implementation time to allow them to feel confident in teaching a class where students have a computer each. Our expectation is that the students will frequently use their computers in a variety of ways.

In class, students learn about digital citizenship and how to keep themselves safe online.

Points to note

Insurance and warranties for the computers will be the responsibility of families. We will provide access to lockable lockers so that computers will be safe onsite. Locks can be rented through the office at minimal charge.

Students will be responsible for bringing their computers to school every day, fully charged. They will also need to be committed to learning how to use their computer in their own time, so that they are ready to use it as a tool for learning when in lessons.

Internet filtering will be provided through the Ministry of Education’s N4L (Network for Learning) platform and through our own Linewize.

Basic IT help will be provided at school if required.

Year 7 Specific information

The plan is to have all Year 7 students with their own computers and online by half way through Term One. Students need to ensure that they have a lock (purchased from the school office) on their locker before bringing their computer to school. It is always difficult to make decisions about what computer to buy. A rough guide is provided above and a price range between $400 - $1000. IPads and Tablets are not recommended as they are limited in their functionality. There are a small number of loan computers available in cases of genuine hardship. Please email your Dean.

More information is available through the school office if required.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Saxon


Mount Hutt College