Coach's Corner - Issue 21

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Grand Final Challenges

This week’s coach’s corner will discuss the biggest challenge facing us come grand final.

First of all a huge congratulations to the players on Saturday who represented the club with distinction. To have all three teams promoted was a thrill that we all won't forget!

Huge thank you to the volunteers who worked tiredly throughout the day! Brilliant effort!

I believe our biggest danger playing is the grand final is ourselves! Staying in control sounds really easy but actually doing it under grand final pressure is another story.

What I envisage for grand final is to be playing a club that doesn't have many teams in the final and they have a huge following! Lara, Bell Post Hill and Barwon Heads. No doubt they will get verbal and probably, no defiantly be sledging us all day from the sidelines!!! Especially div 3- I am being serious. If they can get in your head and affect your game they have won. It's so important to keep the communication between team mates up to assist the emotions keep stable. Give a bully no oxygen and they will lose voice- really simple but so effective....

I believe in all three divisions the only team that can beat us is eastern park- ourselves. We need to focus in the fortnight of playing under pressure and blocking out the outside influences.

Didn't I tell you that you will strike quick greens come finals come. The speed of the green got to 16 maybe a touch quicker and I feel not enough players handled it, yes we got away with it but if we endeavour to keep going up divisions we won't get to far if the standard doesn't lift when striking a quick surface. The basic aspects of the delivery that must change is the stance, get lower. Also the back swing needs to shorten and slow down. Last of all the length of the step must decrease in order to shorten the back swing. SLOW DOWN!!!! It is well worth practising short short ends such as 16 foot to try and slow your delivery down to become effective and find touch.

Thanks to Bob Dalton on the weekend who represented the club with distinction. Also Ben Seaton who filled the digger spot extremely well who could easily hold his spot in any other team!

This week we will have the normal training sessions- I will organise a night at Bareena to really grasp the quick green delivery. I think we can get some real benefit from.

Pressure cooks ham- wasn't it evident on the weekend! Wow.... We only had a couple of cracks what I seen for our players under pressure!!!!!

Last of all, I received two phone calls last night in regards to players wanting to join eastern park. Another reward for effort with our work on impression. You build it and watch them come! We are now in the super position where we can pick and deny members at our discretion.

I'm going to set up a chat room for everyone to point out the positives- repeat positives only bout Saturday’s game!

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush