2016 Annual General Meeting

Saturday, October 15, 2016, 4:00pm

Milton Tennis Club Clubhouse

1.        Call to Order

2.        Adoption of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

3.        Business Arising out of the Minutes

4.        Accounting Report

5.        Business Arising out of the Accountant Report

6.        Reports of Officers or Committees

  1. New Business

8.        Nominations and Election of Officers

9.        Adjournment

Adult members and Junior members 16 years of age holding an Adult Membership are entitled to 1 vote on general membership matters. A quorum at a General Meeting shall consist of 10% of the sum of adult memberships and adults included in family memberships, or 25 people, whichever is less (including proxies). Only one proxy is allowed per member in attendance at the Annual General Meeting.

Milton Tennis Club

Notes on the Unaudited Financial Statements

As at September 30, 2016


The club was incorporated without share capital, under the laws of Ontario in August 1981 and comprises its members. It is run as a not-for-profit organization by volunteers.

The club leases its property from the Town of Milton and incurs its own expenses which are funded by membership fees, proceeds from various programs and tournaments. Any residual income which remains at the end of the year is put aside for extraordinary expense necessary to maintain and upkeep its facility.

  1. Cash Method

The Club has used the Cash method of reporting since inception, with the exception of the 1985 fiscal year, when the Accrual Method of reporting was used. The Accrual Method is also used in one entry every year when advance membership payments are received (see Note 5).

  1. Year End

In 2006 the Club constitutionally changed its fiscal year-end to December 31st from September 30th. This brought the fiscal year-end to coincide with the calendar year but not the Club’s operational period. Therefore the Club can not present its final Financial Statements at the AGM.


The Club is tax-exempted but required to file a Federal T2 income tax return.  The Province of Ontario does not require a corporation tax return. There are no liabilities in either case. Tax filing requirement has been met and is up-to-date.  







 $   17,805.00



 $   20,000.00



 $   11,160.00



 $     2,400.00




Grand Total


 $   51,365.00


Programs Revenue





 $              950.00


 $              825.00


 $           5,370.00


 $           2,520.00

House League  

 $           2,675.00



Grand Total

 $         12,340.00

  1. CLUB TOURNAMENTS (Not completed)

  1. RENT

Rent is $1500 per year plus $1 per member household, and is subject to 13% HST until 2018.  It was $1000 per year prior to 2014.


2016 Vice President’s Report

Co-VP (Saki Giannakopoulos)

2016 Vice President’s Report

Co-VP (Anjali Pagay)

2016 Adult Programs Report

House League


This year we ran two sessions for Novice and Competitive players. Lots of games and lots of fun!! We had 7 teams of 4 players in the first session of competitive house league and 6 teams of four players for the second session. We have 4 teams of 4 players for both the first and second session of Novice house league. In the end Team Wawrinka: George Vlastakis, Chris DaCosta, Melanie McGregor and Jen MacDonald won the Novice championships (1st session). Team Nadal and Team Wawrinka tied for the 2nd session. Team players include: Deji Salami, Jen Macdonald, Natasha Pereira, Shannon Robinson, Gihan Perera, Susie Martin, Brian and Ewa English. In the competitive division (1st session) Team Bouchard consisting of Patrick Johnson, Marcelo Jaramillo, Nirav Patel and Wendy Drahovzal won the championships. In the second session Team Serena consisting of Patrick Johnson, Helen Simolde, Mike Poole and Wendy Drahovzal won the team final.


It was another successful ladder season with over 95 participants and over 370 matches played.  The gigasports online ladder module allows ladder players to enter their own scores, view their match statistics and lock players above them into a challenge.  The top 16 ranked players in mid-August qualified to participate in the ladder tournament.  At this time the semifinalists are Richard Straka, Rob Krzyzak, Clint Cabio and Kevin Lorrimer.  The champion will be decided by the end of September.

Friday Round Robin

Three courts were reserved for the “round robin drop in” held on Friday evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Balls were provided for play. Attendance varied week to week.  Moving forward the club executive will have to determine what can be done to boost attendance or whether to continue the program.

Interclub teams

This year we had five adult interclub teams.  Our lakeshore team, captained by Dave Fairfax, finished in 5th place in the top division.  The newly promoted Intercounty majors team, captained by Francis Lam, finished in a 3rd place tie in their division.  Our Intercounty B team, captained by Cassey Tan, finished second in their division and advanced all the way to the semifinal round of the playoffs.  The Intercounty C1 team, captained by Dave Adams finished first in their division and also advanced all the way to the semifinal round of the playoffs. By finishing top of their division the team will be promoted up to the B division next season.  The Intercounty C2 team, captained by Claire Salisbury, finished second in their division and also advanced to the semifinal round of the playoff

Singles Club Championships

This year the format for the singles championships held from Aug 19th to 21st was two open draws - an A and a B draw.  There were 13 participants in the A draw and 16 in the B draw.  8 game pro sets were played for the first two rounds, semifinals were 10 game pro sets and the finals were best two out of three sets.  This year the matches were played in the late afternoon and evening.  Congratulations to the winners – “A” champion Michael Arthur and “B” champion Denys Pizarro.

Doubles Club Championships


Brian Fernandes and Jeff Truswell claimed the “A” Mens Doubles title over Kamran Shamsi and Carlos Gonzales and Saeed Ahmed and Chris Hanna took the “B” title in a closely contested match over Jason and Joshua Llorin.

In the Mixed doubles “A” championships Jason and Jana Llorin defeated Lily Lam and Colin Carslake. The Mixed “B” championships is still be contested. Finalists include: Claire Salisbury, Steve Martin, Bianca Dsouza and Julian Jasionowski

French Open and Wimbledon

This year we introduced two new tournaments (French open and Wimbledon). Both events were linked with a social event. Even though the participation numbers were low we had a lot of fun and a lot of food, thanks Abegail!!

Damian Abratowski won both the French Open and Wimbledon “B” singles titles. He beat Andreas Meyer (French Open) and Matt Holvey (Wimbledon), in two nail biting finishes.

Clint Cabio won the French Open “A” title over Jeff Zhang and Mike Arthur beat Clint Cabio for the Wimbledon title.

Ranking List

This year we introduced a club ranking list based on participation in club tournaments, house league, singles ladder, social events and volunteering opportunities (Ex. Helping with windscreens and nets). The ranking list closes at the end of September. First and second place receive cash prizes. Stay tuned for the final winners!!!!

Thanks for the wonderful season.

Adult Directors

Dave Fairfax and Jeff Truswell


2016 Junior Programs Report

This year we continued to offer our Junior Progressive Tennis program on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Thank you to our tennis pros, Andre and Mihai for all of their work, as well as all the coaches that assisted both on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Not only did we get to see many returning junior members, but also some new faces!


Our Junior Intercounty team was very successful this season. Not only did they win the West 2 Regional Division, they were also runners up at the finals tournament at the Avivia Centre. A special thanks goes out to our Junior Intercounty captain Dale Rottgen. A big thank you also goes out to Nick Holvey for all of his help.


The Junior Club Championships were held this year on Saturday, September 24th. There was a large turn out this year. It was a successful day of tennis, beautiful weather, and fun!  


Congratulations to our winners:

Under 10 Green Dot: 

Winner: Kayan Perera

Under 14:

Winner: Olivia Halvorsen

Under 18:

Winner: Lyle D'Souza

Under 10 Doubles:

Winners: Joban Sangha and Andrea Cabio

Under 14 Doubles

Winners: Joshua Llorin and Ethan Abraham


We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Milton Tennis Club junior players!

Junior Director

Shonakshi Chaubal

2016 Facility Director's Report


Tasks performed during the season:



Facility Director

     Nick Holvey

2016 Public Relations Report

This was my second year as the PR Director for the club.

This year my largest contribution was the design, programming and deployment of a brand new website for the club- a site that changes based on what device you use to look at it and on a modern, easy to manage platform. I did all of the work myself, saving the club thousands of dollars. I have since trained Tracey Morgan who has gratefully taken over managing the site.

Throughout the pre-season in addition to attending the regular meetings, I carried out several advertising campaigns including our February Mall Drive, an ad in the Milton Community Services Guide, ads on electronic signs in Milton, ads on portable signs throughout Milton and ads on Facebook.

We now have 325 Likes on our Facebook page and it keeps growing organically, since the original ads were placed earlier in the 2016 season.  October 1, 2015 we had 137 likes and now we have 325 – that is a huge jump. We had 151 at the start of April and once the 2016 ads were running, our Likes jumped and we now have 325 and it continues to grow. Facebook is the best free advertising medium for us, an excellent way to promote the club and share info with our members.

       Public Relations Director

      Lisa Traverse


2016 Membership Director Report

Milton Tennis Club

2016 Membership Information

As at September 30, 2016

Count of Member










Adult (18+)





Junior (<18)





Senior (60+)





Grand Total





Milton Tennis Club

2016 Programs Revenue

As at September 30, 2016

Programs Revenue





 $              950.00


 $              825.00


 $           5,370.00


 $           2,520.00

House League  

 $           2,675.00



Grand Total

 $         12,340.00

        Membership Director

       Raj Pochiraju

2016 Social Report

First, I would like to thank all of you for joining Milton Tennis Club this year and making it another memorable Summer Tennis Season.

This year, we started the season with an amazing Opening day, we had BBQ, music and games. Thanks to all who volunteered and made the event a successful one.

We also had a French Open and Wimbledon Tournament and Social event this year. I love seeing our members wearing their “all-white” tennis attire to bring the real spirit of Wimbledon.

You can visit our Facebook Website for events’ pictures: https://www.facebook.com/MiltonTennisClub/

It’s nice to see new and familiar faces this year as well as more juniors playing this year.

We are blessed this year to have a great summer weather and I hope you’re able to play enough tennis as you planned.

As you heard, we might not have a club next year due to court renovations so I will surely miss the club if that happens! But looking forward also to have a brand new courts in Summer Tennis Season 2018 and hope to see you all!

I wish you all a good and safe Winter Season!

      Social Director

     Abegail Cabio

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