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As a Pride Team member,

I pledge to respect myself and others, approach challenges with an open mind, and attack my work with a can-do-attitude

Classroom Contacts

Rebekah Tolle- Math Specialist

Andreas Eriksson- Special Educator 

Dave Cavanaugh- Guidance Counselor

Upcoming Dates of Importance

Friday, February 23, End of Trimester 2

Feb. 26-Mar. 6 Winter Break

March 7 Welcome back

Sunday, March 11  Spring Ahead, Daylight Savings

Friday, March 16  Half Day


Week of February 19-23


Happy Presidents Day





Math Worksheet

Read for 20 min.

Read for 20 min.

Read for 20 min


Have a wonderful Winter Break!

Announcements from the Lion’s Den

     Our study of density concludes this week.  On Wednesday, students will take the district assessment.  In math, fraction work continues with comparing values using a variety of strategies. In reading, we are continuing to research our independent topics, taking organized notes based on main ideas. During Readers and Writers Workshop, informational authors will draft the leads and conclusion of their “all about” book and begin the peer editing process before publishing on Friday.  Check out this great video put together by a MMU student and starring Pride students: Stump up the Volume.

Weekly Inspiration….“  

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

Helen Keller



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