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As a Pride Team member,

I pledge to respect myself and others, approach challenges with an open mind, and attack my work with a can-do-attitude

Classroom Contacts

Rebekah Tolle- Math Specialist

Andreas Eriksson- Special Educator 

Dave Cavanaugh- Guidance Counselor

Upcoming Dates of Importance

Wednesday, April 11 Delayed Start

April 23-27 Spring Break


Week of March 19-23






11:30 Dismissal

Math Worksheet

Read Article for

Chocolate Milk Research- take pro/con notes on T-chart or highlight with different color.

Read for 20 min

Read for 20 min.

Language Review

Read for 20 min


Have a wonderful Weekend!

Announcements from the Lion’s Den

    Our third week of March begins our Argument Unit in Writer’s Workshop.  Keeping a neutral opinion until research is complete, students will examine two sides of the debate over chocolate milk in school.  They then will craft a compelling argument for or against the product in our cafeteria.  In Ology, we continue to discover Europe’s explorers, their reasons and impacts. In Readers Workshop, we return to choice reading and the fictional elements of character development and theme. .  

Weekly Inspiration….“  

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

Theodore Roosevelt


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