What does macbeth plan to get out of killing duncan?

Does he have plans to kill duncan? Or does Fate guide them to run away?

-macbeth wasn't thinking about that- he was just taking it one step at a time-

-i think that killing duncan was what put him at ease, but he wasn't thinking he was going to kill people-

-he was so thirsty to be king- he killed duncan for that- so i think he would've killed them if they didnt run away.

-lady macbeth told him he was a wuss he would've eventually gotten there- he wanted it so bad

-i don't think he planned to kill anyone actually- i think it was lady macbeth’s pressure- instead of him coming up with the idea himself

-well lady macbeth only pressured him to kill duncan- no one told him to kill banquo, macduff family, etc.

-macbeth probably would've killed them anyway because he said malcolm was a step he would have to overcome/

If he hadn't killed duncan, no one would have been killed.

Why do you think he didn't just kill them all? Why just kill duncan?

-he was afraid, and didn't want to do it in the first place- later on, once he hires murderers to kill banquo…? he didn't have that desire to kill yet.

-macbeth had tunnel vision from the witches- kill the king to become the king, since the witches were right about thane of glamis, cawdor and king.- not thinking ahead-

How would the play have changed if the prophecies were switched?

I don't think banquo had that streak in him like macbeth did- and he didn't have lady macbeth in his ear.

Macbeth would do anything in his power to not have kids-

I feel like that couldn't happen because of who banquo is- we never saw him kill anyone in the story- he is not the kind of person that would commit that action

Hotseat- this leads to another question i had- we didn't know much about macbeth and banquo at the beginning of the story- from the start- was macbeth always a bad person, or did he get changed by the prophesy?

-i think he was always a bad person and with lady macbeth calling him names, even if he didnt get the prophecy- he would have done all in his power to become king- and kill whoever got in his way-

-he definitely changed over the series of the plot, but at the beginning it was always what he wanted to happen- to become king and to take the next step. Even when he was told he would be thane of cawdor he was really happy- he seemed like he had been planning for it

What would've happened if the witches never showed up?

-because duncan had the whole meeting with everyone there- he would've still pushed to be king-

-since he got cawdor, it fulfilled the prophecy- so he thought that king was within reach suddenly. Without the prophecy, he never would've gotten his hopes up-

-i feel like the witches told him and become thane of cawdor gave him the spark he needed- without that he wouldn't have attempted to kill duncan.

-if the prophecy was about fate- would he still become king? It is his destiny-

No one knows- the story is laid out how it is but no one knows if you can change a fate-

Were the witches making it happen, or was it always going to happen?

-thane of cawdor was going to happen- but when he was told he was going to be king, he did something about it

What do the witches mean? Are they a symbol or a figment of his imagination? What are they? There is no backstory

The witches were just to move the plot along- they have no goals or aims. They are only there to get the idea into macbeth’s head and move the plot along.

They might be a symbol for how bad he wants things- if they weren't there, he would've run for the hills instead of staying at dunsinane

Is it a figment of macbeth’s imagination?

It could be- but banquo saw the witches- it must be part of both of them- that is confusing

-i think they were there to show how selfish he was and how he wanted it- but banquo was selfish too because no one else but those two saw them.

Did the witches favor anyone with their prophecy-

I mean, if it was fate, then it was going to happen- doesn't mean they like one over the other-

For the witches- they probably did favor macbeth-

There are a few theories about whether the witches decide his fate or if they just know about it-

I feel like they were trying to ruin macbeth from the start- they used his greed and arrogance to try and destroy him.

I didn't get at the beginning that he was arrogant or bad

It was behind closed doors when lady macbeth took things to a new level-macbeth changed-

Macbeth demanded to see the witches the second time and without that, he wouldn't have had the courage to do what he did.

Is fate a set plan, or can it be changed by actions?

Based on the play- i think it was set- no matter what- the witches were right- macbeth escalated that when he killed macduff's family- it fueled the fire more

You are going to do things that change the way you lead up to your fate-

I think shakespeare is trying to prove that fate is an unstoppable force sand you cant control it. You can look at it like the witches were warning him- they gave him chances- the woods to dunsinane, he could have escaped the fate by heeding their warnings but instead he played into their hands and did what they said.

Who faces guilt the most? Macbeth gets paranoid and guilty, so does lady macbeth.

-she was more into it when they killed duncan, but she got so remorseful she killed herself.

-he was not on board, but by the end, was way into all the killing

-lady macbeth would have killed duncan herself if he hadn't looked like her father- so once macbeth killed him, she was super guilty about it-

-maybe with lady macbeth, he had someone to blame it on- she invented the plan, so she felt the most responsible-

- i actually think that macbeth and lady macbeth changed places in a way-

Other than guilt what triggered lady macbeth to kill herself?

-the guilt she had was from pressuring macbeth into killing duncan

Who is the third murderer?

-why would macduff kill banquo?

Do you think lady macbeth felt guilt because duncan looked like her father?

Not really- she just said that's why she didn't do it in that moment

She didn't see the killing of duncan- but she was having nightmares and sleepwalking- she couldn't cope with the situation getting worse.

When things got real, she couldn't handle it anymore

Would Macbeth end up killing himself if he wasn't slain?

-the witches said that he couldn't die to someone born of woman- so he couldn't kill himself-

I don't think he would kill himself because he would have had good reason to do that long ago

-macbeth says that life is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury-signifying nothing.

Does that sort of outlook make it easier to do the things that he did?

Is macbeth the protagonist of the play?

        -the main character should be your hero. He is not heroic.

-i think he was the protagonist i the first half of the play- but then macduff was the protagonist in the end- he was acting more just or doing the right thing. In the beginning when macbeth was killing everyone, then the reader realized what he did.

I think he is one of those characters where he starts off likable, and then as the story progresses, he turns into the villain.

How does the

It's the ultimate betrayal to kill your friends-

Most of the play's the person is faced with a cut and dry moral decision- macbeth can do what he wants with this- we are the people who have the moral clarity as to who we want to side with-

Acting in your own interest is what makes his actions deplorable. In the beginning, he kills for the greater good, but then he betrays the people on his side-

His killings in the war and the ones later- go hand in hand- they both get him more power-

Selfishness is the key difference.

At first he did it for duncan, but then he wanted it for himself

I think it is because you have the main characters and in the end he kills off the main characters, we are kind of attached to some of them- everyone liked duncan- the other people he murdered before didn't have a face-

It is more real when he kills people we care about.

When he was in the war killing people[ there was no face or personality behind him.

Macduff’s family-

Pride goes before the fall.

Macbeth wasn't the protagonist- there wasn't one- it would be macduff if you had to label it-

People agree with things that happen and some don't- by solving one problem, you open another- it's a never ending cycle.

Unchecked ambition- makes enemies of others- everyone is not perfect, no one can be- because we arent perfect.

Everybody wants to rule the world- no one wants to be forgotten.

Everyone wants their own legacy- but that legacy may not always be good.

Why do you think murder caused a disturbance in nature?

symbolism for the people- the horses are one group in relation to macbeth and duncan and banquo-

-macbeth killing duncan messed with his fate- because he took it in his own hands-

-i think the horses symbolize what would happen if macbeth continued on- at the end final battle.

What do you think the dagger symbolised?- temptation- it was like someone was testing him- that was the turning point- is he gonna do it? And he did it.

I saw it as an “ok” to do it- it was leading him to his fate-

If the story went on, who would macbeth kill next?

The people of scotland-

I don't think macbeth had the heart to kill- he hired people to kill banquo and macduff-