An interview with…

Owner of the Core Challenges: Stunfisk the Great

Interviewed by TheAce22

Hey Stun! Thanks for taking the time to do this! Let's start off with the basics. Will you tell us about yourself IRL? Are you still in school? do you have a job? Location? Anything other generic information you are willing to share?

Hey ace! Yea, I am in school, I'm 17 and attending high school rn. I live in New Jersey, and tbh, life is kinda casual. I guess as a student I'm average, but I do drama club a lot, and I also sing....a lot. Like if you were to meet me in real life, I would always write down choruses to a song that I may of just came up with, or hum a tune, or just belt high notes lol. (I would get a bit more technical but I don't wanna give people headaches lol)

Well as we discussed I am expecting a vocaroo of you singing :). Have you been in many plays in drama club, any favorite ones?

I started doing plays/musicals since I was in 6th grade, and started doing school productions at around 8th. This is more of an after school/side thing since usually I like to actually go out and actually sing/go to events. My first school one was Footloose, I was actually called back for Ren, and ended up getting this country rocker named Cowboy Bob. As for other favorites, Pirates of Penzance was awesome, even though I was just in the pirate ensemble, and last spring we did Hairspray, which was also very fun. As for the singing thing, I still gotta find something xD

Heh, what is some of your favorite songs or music genres, Azelea asked this for user submitted questions, but it seems to fit better here.

My go to genre is usually rock, however I also do some rock pop, or ballads, I'm kinda down for anything usually. As for favorite songs, I don't have any 1 specific one. Rain by Bruno Mars is one (I like a lot of his music in general), I like a lot of Sam Smith, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and more recently Prince.

Well stun, here's your chance to brag, tell us something you feel is awesome about yourself! :D

Alright lol, I try not to brag much so this'll be fun. Umm, I am a trained Tenor II, I took lessons from about January of this year to September, and they'll probably resume soon. I have auditioned for The Voice twice now, once January of last year, and July of this year (that time I actually did manage to get passed the first judge). It's an awesome experience just to go out, if you have the balls to do it I highly recommend you try! If it wasn't for music, to be honest I would be an emotional wreck. I started learning it when I was in like 1st grade, because I used to play the Violin for a while, but I dropped it coming into High School to get into Chorus (as of last year I am now in Chorale, which is the highest level offered at my school). In general though, I just try to be a nice person, like if someone needs a buddy, or a hand, I'll gladly help out. I loved getting involved into things in general, and usually if it's something I like, I can get pretty involved in it.

Ok well into Pokemon Questions.

How did you get into Pokemon in the first place.

How did you get into PS.

How did you get into monotype?

I got into pokemon by TCG actually, I got my first pack after seeing an epic DP commercial, and soon found out the games. My first 1 was Diamond, and I fell in love. As for PS, surprisingly enough, I was a very hated suer. I came to be around August 2012, I didn't know what the hell smogon was, and I was overall just...a moron lol. My first alt got perma banned, but I snuck back in under my current alt today, and nobody notices. So to stay out of trouble (bc the staff hated my guts), I just kept quiet. I got into monotype though leagues actually, in the main chat someone advertised a Frontier spot open in the Lobby chat, I pm'd them, and ended up getting it. Tempest was an awesome league. It included a lot of OG people like Auburn, Barida, Aqua, ect. My first mono actually was Ground, and I used it, cause I wanted to cream Auburn for E4 (since at the time he was fire), and I wanted to include this cancer Stunfisk set I came up with (it stuck for a while until Swagger got banned, which was when I actually started getting the littlest bit good). I got into the community itself through the forums, but I originally rose to fame after peaking top 10 with a Ground core challenge team. After that I wanted to start getting good at other types, and contributing more to the community. Once Omniax stepped down from running the Core Challenges (which was much later), I offered to help, and scp actually gave me the job as the leader of it, which I can't thank him for enough, I love the job and I hope to continue doing it. That's when I wanted to make myself be a role model, and set an example to others who wanted to be apart of the community. Don't get me wrong I am far from perfect, but tbh it's the effort the counts. It's funny because before I got ranked, I was bored and asking scp for the "Cure of Boredom." 2 seconds after he made the announcement and I was completely in shock, and didn't see it coming at all.

What's your favorite type?

What type do you specialize in?

What's your favorite Pokemon?

As I mentioned, my favourite type is Ground, however lately I've been using Ice a lot as well. My favorite pokemon...I have a bunch. This includes Lickilicky (gasp), Mega Beedrill, Mega Altaria, and surprisingly not Stunfisk (gasp again). I made this alt because I wanted to be known for my ridiculous gimmick (it was terrible). Actually, I can't say I made this alt. A friend on the Battle Tower server (who was an admin), FRT'd me to this, and I regged it bc at the time I loved it.

Who's your bae uncle stunny .3.

My bae is Anttya ofc. Jk, but, we are rly great friends :P

If you could change anything in history what would it be?

Hmm, tbh that's a tough one. I guess it would be stopping Hitler much earlier, or make him nonexistent (#HalfJew)

Do you have any favorite auth, voices or staff alike.

Ants is pretty awesome, we talk all the time

If you could change anything in the monotype metagame what would it be?

I'm pretty content with the tier, but (excuse the extreme biased), unban smooth rock so I can spam excadrill sweeps again imao.

Betathunder asks what is your worst fear?

My worst fear...this may sound odd to some, with this being over death in general, but an Armed Robbery, just the thought makes me cringe.

What's your favorite team you have ever made?

My ground ofc! That's lIke my pride and joy. However my main ice (which is actually a starter team) I'm also pretty proud of, especially since it was one of the first times I got good with a type other than ground (and a lot of people can agree that is a rly rly hard type), so that was a great personal feat.

To conclude, do you have any words of wisdom or sage advice for the Monotypers out there?

Asking me for wisdom when I am half asleep...this'll go good xD

Tbh, being voiced has been a great experience, I've been learning a lot from it, and just seeing how people look up to you, want help from you, rly warms my heart. It also gives you a bit more say in covers at ions and voicing your opinions on topics. If you want to become voiced or staff, the uppers will notice, and you will earn it given the right circumstances! Just keeping, and never give up if you have a passion, you only get better, and the fire glows brighter! :)