Utah Regional Music Workshop


What classes will be offered?

A variety of classes will be offered, click here for our planned schedule.  Slight changes may occur as we get closer. We suggest printing the schedule a couple days prior to the workshop for your reference.

How can I get flyers for my ward or stake? (publicity)

You can download all flyers, posters and publicity materials, as they become available, to use as needed by clicking here.

Who is this workshop for?

Adults and youth 12 years of age and older will benefit from the workshop.


 with music callings (all music conductors, pianists, organists etc.), those who oversee people with music callings (Stake and Ward Music Chair persons and presidencies), those who choose music for church meetings as well as anyone interested in strengthening their love and use of music in the church.

Do I have to attend the entire workshop?

You may come for the entire four hours, or just for the specific classes that interest you. It is recommended that you attend the 9am Opening Session and arrive early.  The Opening Session will be broadcast from the main Stake building in Layton, UT on Antelope to three other nearby church buildings. Please note the locations below, corresponding to your class interests.  

The opening session is an opportunity to be enlightened and strengthened by special musical numbers and inspirational messages.  This session is 50 minutes.  Each class thereafter will also be 50 minutes.  You will be able to choose from a variety of approximately 30 different classes.  The workshop ends at 1pm.

What classes will be offered?

The class schedule will be available to view as the workshop gets closer. Be sure to get on our email list to ensure you are the first to know.

How should I dress?

The Opening Session and other portions of the workshop will be held in the chapel, so please wear what you feel comfortable wearing in the chapel.

Do I need to register?

Please do! You can register online now or even just sign up for our email list and register later.  Either way we’d love for your email to get on our list to keep you informed of the upcoming workshop.

Why are their multiple building addresses? Where should I go?

This workshop is a regional workshop which means we need more than one building to accommodate the number of attendees and the variety of classes offered.  The Opening Session will be broadcast to all buildings from the live session held at the Utah Layton North Stake Center. The classes you are most interested in is the building you will attend. Buildings #1 and #2 are across the street from each other, buildings #3 and #4 are a short drive.  You are welcome to attend classes in other buildings.

Classes and locations of the Layton, UT buildings in which the workshop will be held are subject to change.  Please look for updates as we near the workshop date.  

What should I bring with me?