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* COVID-19 disclaimer: We are answering frequently asked questions we have received from you, our parents, to the best of our ability and with the information available to us.

  1. Are you sure there will be a team?
    Our registration conditions state: "You are not responsible for paying the balance if there are no available teams for us to place your child on".
    We cannot predict the future (*) but neither can anyone else. This question alone is the reason we cannot wait until the last minute to register kids. We have approx 800 kids every year. We had more competitive kids/teams last year than at any time in the last 10 years. All indications are that we will grow again this year in the competitive department (*), but anyone who promises you they know exactly what the future holds is lying to you.
    Again, you are not responsible for paying the balance if there are no available teams for us to place your child on!
  2. If I register now and we don't start till October, will I get a partial refund?
    (*) If this was to happen we would most likely suspend September/October payments and adjust the total price for the skipped tournaments (and if you prepaid yes, you would receive a partial refund).
  3. If I register now and we don't start till December or January, will I get a partial refund?
    (*) Similar answer as #7, if we can only play half the year we would have to make adjustments for that.
  4. What are leagues saying?
    Leagues are planning for the best-case scenario, as are we. Additional return to safe play precautions are being discussed and decided upon by the governing bodies so that the kids can play safely. Anything from "no parents on the sidelines" to thermometers and no handshaking is on the table.
  5. Will there be any leagues to play in?
    Yes. There are new Leagues popping up daily and we are keeping all our avenues open. We will play where there is good competition.
  6. Will tournaments even happen?
    If a particular tournament does not happen and we have to cut down from currently planned 4-6 tournaments we would adjust our plans and credit you back for those that we cannot attend. From experience, there is never a shortage of tournaments. There will not be a shortage of games.
  7. What if the season gets completely canceled?
    We hope this does not happen. The seasonal year lasts until July 31, 2021. If we cannot play soccer until then we have bigger problems. Adjustments can be made (no fans, etc.) and we will do whatever it takes to keep our players, coaches, referees, and staff safe.

    While we are all going through similar circumstances, we recognize that our children need the opportunity to grow and live the best lives they can. Living is not without risk, and we know that living without risk is, well, not really living, but we aren't philosophers; we are just folks who want your kids to learn how to play a decent game of soccer. Now with that in mind, we are not going to pretend that you can play soccer without physical contact. That would be a lie. We also want to say that it looks like young people without compromised immune systems aren't really at extreme risk. (Clearly, we can't promise this, but the data appears to support this.).

    If you live with an elderly person or someone who is immunocompromised, this might not be for you. If you visit someone in this category, you may need to establish a health and safety protocol that may work for you before you can determine if a practice regimen is right for your family.


Q. What follow up communication will I receive post tryouts?

  1. Players can expect to be given one of two responses from the tryouts:

    1. Congratulations! We are delighted to offer you a roster spot on (TEAM NAME) for the 2020/2021 season. OR
    2. Thank you for attending tryouts for (TEAM NAME). At this time we are requesting that you return to our next set of tryouts to be held on (DATE).

Q. I am confused. What should I do?

  1. If you are an existing player at Hollywood Wildcats FC, please feel free to reach out to your coach. If you would like to clarify the tryout process further, please feel free to call the club office 954-929-2287 or email tryouts@hollywoodwildcats.com and our volunteer staff will best guide you. If you are new to our Club REGISTER FOR TRYOUTS

Q. How will uniform measurements be handled? (NEW - asked on 5/23/2020)

  1. REC TEAMS (gray, blue, black, etc) which will get a single PUMA jersey at no charge will receive their jersey before the first sanctioned game and do not need to worry about sizing.

    RED COMP/WHITE SELECT TEAMS will need to order their own uniform from PUMA and will receive more information regarding uniform sizing by team in compliance with CDC guidelines and with social distancing in mind.


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