Year 2 Newsletter, Term 1, 2015

 Introducing the Year 2 teachers

Room 8:Mrs Darukhanawalla (Team Leader)   

Room 9 :Mrs Holdom  

Room 10:Mrs Somaratane/ Mrs Strachan

Room 11 : Mrs Millar  

Welcome back to school and welcome to our new families from the teachers in Year 2.

We look forward to an exciting learning journey together this year.

At the beginning of each term a newsletter will go on line (the school blog and Facebook) to inform you of our programmes at school and keep you informed about general information that you will need to know.

If you are unsure of anything, please feel free to speak to your child’s teacher.

Important dates this term:

  • 19 Feb: Parent orientation evening
  • 22 Mar: EPS gala
  • 23 Mar - 2 Apr : Life Ed Van
  • 25 & 26 March: 3 way conferences
  •  TBC : Swimming gala
  • 2 April: End of Term 1

Our learning focus for the term:

We are beginning this year focussing on ourselves as learners - how we learn, what does and does not help us learn and how we can help ourselves.

Along with this, we will be focussing on keeping ourselves safe on the roads and in the water.

Useful information


Please ensure that your child is in the correct school uniform and that all items of clothing are clearly named, hat and shoes included. All children are required to wear school hats every day in Terms 1 and 4.  All school shoes need to be plain BLACK.  Please do not buy shoes with coloured soles and laces.

Food policy:

Some children suffer from food allergies. Therefore, children are not allowed to share any food or drink with other children. Fizzy drinks, lollies/ chocolates are not allowed in school. We encourage students to bring water to school.   We do have water fountains that students can use at all times.


Each class will have 3 swimming sessions per week. It is important that your child comes prepared for swimming on the required days. All swimming gear needs to be named (underwear included)  and brought to school in a named waterproof bag. If the weather is changeable, the teacher will make a decision whether the class swims or not.


Your child will visit the school library every week. Please ensure that the borrowed book is returned promptly, before the next visit to the library. We trust that the library books that are taken home will be looked after.


Please spend some time every night reading with your child. Poems, readers and library books will be sent home on a regular basis. Phonics activities will be sent home weekly.

Being prepared for the day:

We ask for your support in ensuring that your child has brought their bookbag with homework book and reader to school each day. It helps the children prepare for the day if they are in school before the 8.55 am bell.  Set up a routine for the beginning of the school day.  This helps your child and the teacher.  Children can come into rooms at 8.30 am.

Keeping in contact

Contact with and from school

There are many ways we can contact you and you can contact the school.  It is vital that school has your latest contact details in case of an emergency.




Smart phone app



Year 2 swimming times

Room 8

Monday, Thursday and Friday

Room 9

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Room 10

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Room 11

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Year 2 library times

Room 8


Room 9


Room 10


Room 11



Homework: Daily reading and phonics work


New homework will be given on every Monday and will need to be completed by Friday.


Reading logs need to be filled in the front of the homework book everyday.


Readers will be sent home from Monday to Thursday. We need to read and talk about the story.


Poem books will be sent home on every Friday and need to be sent back to school on Monday. Enjoy reading them.


Word lists at the appropriate reading level will be stuck in the homework book and will be updated as needed. Practice reading and recognising the words.