Debate Motions 2016-2017
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The abbreviation of “TH” stands for “This House”, a stylistic commonplace in Parliamentary debating.
“THW” stands for “This House Would” and “THBT” for “This House Believes That”.


Istanbul Meridyen Debating Academy (3-4 September 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey)

CA Team: Melda Eren (CA), Monica Forman (CA), Nika Jelendorf (CA), Rebecca Irvine (CA)

Red Sea Open (7-10 September 2016 in Eilat, Israel)

CA Team: Dan Lahav (CA), Harish Natarajan (CA), Nika Jelendorf (CA), Noa Ovadia (ACA)


ISIC (1 October 2016 in Birmingham, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Nick Zervoudis (CA), Lucia Arce (DCA), Sarah Tay (DCA)

Motion: THBT the governments of developing nations should actively encourage slum tourism

Motion: THBT ASEAN should give up all efforts toward greater political and economic integration

Motion: THBT it is in Indonesia’s interests to join the TPP

UCD Novice (6 October 2016 in Dublin, Ireland)

CA Team: Cian Leahy (CA), Erin Kyle (CA), Paul O'Dwyer (CA)

UCD IV (7-8 October 2016 in Dublin, Ireland)

CA Team: Emma Lucas (CA), Kit Mercer (CA), Michael Coleman (CA), Owen Mooney (CA), Juliette Barnes (DCA)

UCL President’s Cup (8 October 2016 in London, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Cerys Bradley (CA), Darion Hotan (CA), Joe Mayes (CA)

Imperial Open (15 October 2016 in London, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Eliot Pallot (CA), Imogen Maclaren (CA), Stefan Siridzanski (CA)

Edinburgh Cup (15-16 October 2016 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Hannah Beresford (CA), Srishti Krishnamoorthy (CA), Connor Forbes Galbraith (DCA), Dan Roberts (DCA)

Imperial Novices (16 October 2016 in London, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Muhammad Asadullah Khan (CA), Ronan Patrick (CA), Sophia Rodriguez (CA)

Roosevelt Open (21-22 October 2016 in Middleburg, Netherlands)

CA Team: Emma Lucas (CA), Olivia Sundberg Diez (CA), Sella Nevo (CA)

Helsinki Mini (22 October 2016 in Helsinki, Finland)

CA Team: Craig McDonald (CA), Milla Huuskonen (CA), Anton Moisseev (DCA)

SOAS IV (22-23 October 2016 in London, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Daniel Bramble (CA), Gavin O’Leary (CA), Jamie Jackson (CA), Monica Forman (CA)

Belgrade Open (28-30 October 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia)

CA Team: Dan Lahav (CA), Djordje Jovicevic (CA), Karin Merckens (CA)

Queen’s University Belfast IV (28-30 October 2016 in Belfast, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Alex Harris (CA), Méabh McMahon (CA), Olly Donelly (CA)

NAMDA Novice (29 October 2016 in Manchester, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Bethany Garry (CA), Kit Mercer (CA), Muhammad Asadullah Khan (CA)

Trivium Tournament (29 October 2016 in Nijmegen, Netherlands)

CA Team: Lisa Schallenberg (CA), Adrienne Huisman (DCA), Davy Fung (DCA), Jeroen Heun (DCA), Pieter van der Veere (DCA)

KCL IV (29-30 October 2016 in London, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Gigi Gil (CA), Josh Bailey (CA), Raffy Marshall (CA), Sam Van Elk (ACA)


UCU Open (4-5 November 2016 in Utrecht, Netherlands)

CA Team: Clíodhna Ní Chéileachair (CA), Ilija Ivanišević (CA), Nishith Hegde (CA), Rebecca Irvine (CA), Ybo Buruma (CA)

Welsh Novice (5 November 2016 in Aberystwyth, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Ed Mason (CA), Tara Murphy (CA)


Westminster Open (5 November 2016 in London, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Annabelle van Beusekom (CA), Bailey Reid (CA), Darion Hotan (CA)

Durham IV (5-6 November 2016 in Durham, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Floris Holstege (CA), Sophie Large (CA) Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman (CA)

Oxford IV (11-12 November 2016 in Oxford, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Crash Wigley (CA), Dan Lahav (CA), Dessislava Kirova (CA), Fanele Mashwama (CA), Tommy Peto (ACA)

Yorkshire Novice (12 November 2016 in York, United Kingdom)

CA Team: David Bender (CA), Morag Deans (CA)

Birmingham ESL Novice (13 November in Birmingham, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Katrin Fallman (CA), Milla Huuskonen (CA)

Cambridge IV (18-19 November 2016 in Cambridge, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Karin Merckens (CA), Thomas Simpson (CA), Veenu Goswami (CA)

Cicero Tournament (19 November 2016 in Tilburg, Netherlands)

CA Team: Jos Buijvoets (CA), Josse van Proosdij (CA), Marike Breed (CA), Wieger Maris (CA), Ybo Buruma (CA)

Maastricht Novice (19 November 2016 in Maastricht, Netherlands)

CA Team: Srdjan Miletic (CA), Jelte Schievels (DCA), Lucy Lester (DCA)

Joensuu Mini (19-20 November 2016 in Joensuu, Finland)

CA Team: Annabelle van Beusekom (CA), Milla Huuskonen (CA), Sara Halonen (DCA)

Cambridge Women’s (20 November 2016 in Cambridge, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Bionda Merckens (CA), Evan Lynyak (CA), Gigi Gil (CA), Sharmila Parmanand (CA)

Cork IV (25-26 November 2016 in Cork, Ireland)

CA Team: Aodhan Peelo (CA), Gigi Gil (CA), Christopher Costigan (DCA), Nishith Hegde (DCA)

Tilbury House IV (25-27 November 2016 in Cologne, Germany)

CA Team: Duncan Crowe (CA), Johan Båge (CA), Melda Eren (CA)

Newcastle IV (26-27 November 2016 in Newcastle, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Bethany Garry (CA), Daniel Noble Stairs (CA), Mackenzie Tse (DCA)

Exeter Pro-Am (27 November 2016 in Exeter, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Freddie Marshall (CA), Rosalie Butcher (CA)


Lund IV (2-4 December 2016 in Lund, Sweden)

CA Team: Matti Bryder (CA), Michael Dunn Goekjian (CA), Olivia Sundberg Diez (CA)

John Smith Memorial Mace Welsh Leg (3 December 2016 in Cardiff, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Bailey Reid (CA), Lucy Murphy (CA)

Leiden Novice (3 December 2016 in Leiden, Netherlands)

CA Team: Daniel Bramble (CA), Jelte Schievels (CA), Simone Landman (CA), Ybo Buruma (CA)

Sheffield IV (3 December 2016 in Sheffield, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Srishti Krishnamoorthy-Cavell (CA), Tim Squirrell (CA), Katy Hatter (DCA)

Southampton Open (3 December 2016 in Southampton, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Eleanor Angwin (CA), Raluca Vacaru (CA), Toby Tricks (CA)

Centrale Open (9-10 December 2016 in Paris, France)

CA Team: Harish Natarajan (CA), Sella Nevo (CA), Sharmila Parmanand (CA)

SSE Riga IV (9-11 December 2016 in Riga, Latvia)

CA Team: Johan Båge (CA), Michael Dunn Goekjian (CA), Monica Forman (CA), Rasmuss Filips Geks (CA)

Birmingham IV (10-11 December 2016 in Birmingham, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Olivia Sundberg Diez (CA), Rebecca Meredith (CA)

Kharkiv Open (17-18 December 2016 in Kharkiv, Ukraine)

CA Team: Kit Mercer (CA), Sella Nevo (CA), Eliot Pallot (DCA)

Motion: TH regrets the existence of the Pink Pistols movement


NCH IV (17-18 December 2016 in London, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Joe Roussos (CA), Katie Heard (CA), Thomas Simpson (CA)

Dutch Debating Winter School (22-23 December 2016 in Tilburg, Netherlands)

CA Team: Bas Tönissen (CA), Daan Welling (CA), Duncan Crowe (CA), Milla Huuskonen (CA), Nastia Grishkova (CA), Raluca Vacaru (CA)

Dutch WUDC (27 December 2016 to 4 January 2017 in the Hague, Netherlands)

CA Team: Karin Merckens (CA), Syed Saddiq (CA), Hyewon Rho (DCA), Jodie O'Neill (DCA), Michael Dunn Goekjian (DCA), Omer Nevo (DCA), Veenu Goswami (DCA), Yashodhan Nair (DCA), Ingrid Rodriguez (ACA)



Glasgow Pro-Am (14 January 2017 in Glasgow, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Douglas Jack (CA), Finia Kuhlmann (CA)

York IV (14 January 2017 in York, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Kez Exley (CA), Owen Mooney (CA), Ethan Silver (DCA)

LSESU Pro-Am (14 January 2017 in London, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Jamie Jackson (CA), Radko Nedyalkov (CA), Ruby Holmes (CA)

Inner Temple IV (20-21 January 2017 in London, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Mackenzie Tse (CA), Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan (CA), Teck Wei Tan (CA)

Nottingham Trent Open (20-22 January 2017 in Nottingham, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Becky Montacute (CA), Katrin Fallman (CA), Saskia Neibig (CA)

Aberdeen Open (21 January 2017 in Aberdeen, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Beckie Jean (CA), Jack Stanley (CA), Penny Sadeghi (CA)

Trinity Women’s Open (26 January 2017 in Dublin, Ireland)

CA Team: Caitríona Ní Bhriain (CA), Sophie Corke (CA), Niamh Egleston (DCA)

Trinity IV (27-28 January 2017 in Dublin, Ireland)

CA Team: Gigi Gil (CA), Hannah Beresford (CA), Michael Coleman (CA), Michael Dunn Goekjian (CA)

Warwick IV (28 January 2017 in Coventry, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Clare Robinson (CA), Darion Hotan (CA), Martin Devenney (CA)


Bristol Pro-Am (4 February 2017 in Bristol, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Bailey Reid (CA), Nick Zervoudis (CA), Sophia Rodriguez (CA)

Queen Mary IV (4 February 2017 in London, United Kingdom)

CA Team: Harish Natarajan (CA), Sharmila Parmanand (CA), Srishti Krishnamoorthy-Cavell (CA), Surya Kumaravel (DCA)

Northumbria IV (4-5 February 2017 in Newcastle, United Kingdom)

CA Team:

Template IV (X-Y Month 2017 in city, country)

CA Team:

Estonian Open 2017 (X-Y Month 2017 in city, country)

CA Team:

R1:  TH opposes the use of taxes explicitly designed to promote behavioral changes in citizens (ex. additional taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, non-eco friendly products).
R2: Infoslide: The Johnson Amendment is a US law. It states that tax-exempt entities like churches and charitable organisations are unable to directly or indirectly participate in any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate. Specifically, ministers are restricted from endorsing or opposing candidates from the pulpit. If they do, they risk losing their tax-exempt status.
THW repeal the Johnson Amendment.
R3: THR the influence Tinder has on dating.
R4: TH does NOT welcome the increase in usage of robots and automatisation of labour.
R5: THBT women in highly gender-unequal democracies should form independent political parties instead of voting for, and running on behalf of , existing parties.
SF:Infoslide: A multi-tier EU is an idea floated around in policy-making circles that, when implemented, would allow member states to choose differing levels of adherence of EU laws and regulations in exchange for increased access to the common market and the Euro.
THS a “multi-tier EU”.
NF: THBT conscription is a war crime.
F:TH supports US airstrikes on Syrian military targets.

HWS Round Robin 2017 (X-Y Month 2017 in city, country)

CA Team:

R1: THS the use of “eye in the sky” policing in urban area with high crime rates.

R2: THS democratic governments using social disgust as a grounds for restricting public speech or display.

R3: TH regrets the shift in focus within the academic study of history from studying great figures and institutions to studying cultural forces and the experiences of ordinary people.

R4: Given the choice as an individual who is a typical, healthy 30-year-old, THW elect to never again feel the emotion of sorrow.

R5: THBT the US should issue guest worker visas, under which minimum wage laws would not apply.

Finals: THBT governments should abandon the strategy of "decapitation" in fighting terrorism.

PEP IV 2017 (X-Y Month 2017 in city, country)

CA Team:

Rd 1: This House Would fully subsidize gender reassignment surgery for pubescent teenagers regardless of parental consent.

Rd 2: Info Text: All theaters in Israel receive huge governmental subsidies. Theater companies are required to tour the entire country.

This House Believes that Israel should fine actors who refuse to perform in settlements.

Rd 3: Info Text: China’s ‘Social Credit System’ intends to use data to measure each citizen’s pro- or anti social behaviour (as decided by the Chinese government). China intends to use it to reward and sacntion its citizens.

This House Believes that the U.S. should hack China’s ‘Social Credit System’ in order to disrupt it.

Rd 4: Info Text: Republika Srpska is an entity in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is populated mostly by ethnic Serbs, while the rest of Bosnia is populated mostly by ethnic Bosniaks and Croats. The majority of Republika Srpska’s population wants to secede.

This House Believes that Republika Srpska should be an independent state.

Rd 5: This House Believes that Mexico should allow neighbourhoods and cities in North Mexico to form armed militias in order to combat drug cartels.

Semi Final: This House Would impose criminal laws to crimes committed by users of avatars in virtual worlds (such as ‘Second Life’)

Final: Info Text: The EU backed customs union is a unified trade space for Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and self-proclaimed state of Kosovo* (sic!)

This House Supports the EU backed Western Balkans Customs Union, even at the price of terminating the free trade agreement with Russia and joining the EU sanctions on Russia.

Cardiff Open 2017 (X-Y Month 2017 in city, country)

CA Team:

Rd 1: This House believes that all companies should be at least 75% owned by their workforce, in equal shares.

Rd 2: Info Text: Roxxxy, the first humanoid ‘sex-bot’, was developed in 2010. Although, no ‘Sex-bots’ have been sold, the infrastructure and the technology exist to create a sexbot with synthetic skin, capable of learning their owner’s wants and desires. These sexbots are not just used for sex but are also capable of simulating affection.

This House would ban the sale and ownership of sexbots.

Rd 3: Info Text: PewDiePie (Swedish gaming vlogger Felix Kjellberg) is the most subscribed-to channel (53 million subscribers) on YouTube, making millions of dollars every year. His videos are mostly gameplay videos, but also include some vlogs. He has been accused of anti-semitism on multiple occasions. Most recently, he posted a video claiming to be testing a theory that he could pay very little for a pair of freelancers to say and do extreme things. He asks the freelancers to unfurl a banner reading “Death to all Jews” as they laugh about it on camera. He appears to be horrified when they actually carry out the act. Youtube currently demonetises videos that contain offensive material (and other things) on a case-by-case basis, but allows the creator to earn money from the rest of their videos deemed clean.

This House, as YouTube, would demonetise all of PewDiePie’s videos.

Rd 4: Info Text: A pardon is a government decision to allow a person who has been convicted of a crime to be free and absolved of that conviction, as if never convicted. In most jurisdictions, there is no need to admit guilt to accept this pardon.

In Western Liberal Democracies, This House would remove the executive’s power to grant pardons.

Pro-Am Final: Info Text: Individuals are often required to disclose information of criminal history for example when applying for jobs, schooling, and tenancies. This is separate to any requirements under the Sexual Offenders Register or other disclosure requirements.

This House would not require individuals to disclose their criminal record, except when dealing with vulnerable individuals (e.g. schools).

Final: Info Text: Respectability politics refers to attempts by marginalized groups to show their social values as being compatible with mainstream values rather than challenging the mainstream for what they see as its failure to accept the inherent difference between them.

This House believes that marginalized groups should abandon respectability politics.

Maynooth Open 2017 (X-Y Month 2017 in city, country)

CA Team:

Round 1: THBT the US should impose tariffs on the products of companies that shut down manufacturing plants and outsource jobs.

For the purposes of this debate, “outsourcing” refers to when multinationals close down manufacturing plants in the United States, and relocate to regions in which environmental and labour legislation is more relaxed

Round 2: THW Make it a Wasteland (Open Motion)

Round 3:  THW make holocaust denial a crime

Round 4:Infoslide: Transnational criminal gangs engage in international crime, including but not limited to: trafficking human beings, and smuggling drugs and illegal weapons.

THBT the USA Should Assassinate the Leaders of Transnational Criminal Gangs, Regardless of Country They Are Located In

Round 5: A European, non-Muslim, progressive female politician has been asked to give a speech at a European Mosque. When she arrives, she is informed that she will be required to wear a headscarf, and that the attendees will be segregated by gender with men at the front and women at the rear.

THB that when presented with this scenario, non-Muslim, progressive female politicians should refuse to speak at the event.islam

Semi Final:Infoslide 1: ‘Mother and baby homes’ were an institution ran by the Catholic Church in Ireland until 1970’s. Unmarried mothers were forced into these homes, performed unpaid labour, and had their newborn children forcibly taken from them, to be sold for adoption if possible. At a former mother and baby home named Tuam, the remains of over 700 children were uncovered in a septic tank. They died as a result of neglect from the nuns.

Infoslide 2: On her deathbed, a nun who was active in running a mother and baby home apologises, and sincerely pleads you for forgiveness. You are alone with her, and no-one will ever know what you tell her.

TH, as a survivor of the mother and baby home, would not forgive the nun.

Novice Final: Infoslide:Ireland has been historically neutral, including during the Second World War. It is not a member of NATO, and solely contributes troops to the UN on a peacekeeping and humanitarian basis.

THW end Irish neutrality.

Grand Final: Open Motion

Liverpool IV 2017 (X-Y Month 2017 in city, country)

CA Team:

Rd 1: Info text: Bahasa Indonesia is the official national language of Indonesia, but over 300 local languages are widely spoken. Bahasa Indonesia (and only Bahasa Indonesia) is the compulsorily language of educational instruction at all levels of education. While it is used widely for communication, over 80% of the population speaks other languages as their mother tongue. 8/10 students entering primary school will be taught in a language which they are not most – or not at all – familiar with. About two hours a week are devoted to ‘local studies’.  

This House would make local languages the primary language of instruction in schools.   

Rd 2: This House would abolish 24hour news media channels.

Rd 3: Info Text: Celtic and Rangers are two football teams in the city of Glasgow. Celtic is associated with Glasgow’s Catholic community and Rangers with its Protestant community. Clashes between teams and their supporters are heavily sectarian in nature, with games being a significant flashpoint of sectarian conflict, and are a contributing cause to the city’s reputation for violence.

This House would integrate Celtic and Rangers into a single team.

Rd 4: This House would keep oil prices artificially high.

Semi-Final: Info Text: A “border poll” is a referendum in Northern Ireland on whether the nation should remain in the United Kingdom or join the Republic of Ireland. A border poll has been held once before in 1973, voting in favour of remaining in the UK. A majority (56.2%) of Northern Irish citizens support the holding of another border poll.  

This house believes the Northern Irish assembly should hold a border poll.

Pro-Am Final: This House believes that the most important consideration when awarding scientific Nobel Prizes should always be its practical contribution to society.

Final: Info Text: Alexander the Great was a king and military commander in the 4th Century BCE. Considered the most effective military leader of all time, he had conquered the largest empire of the ancient world by the age of 30. There is historical evidence he was both romantically and sexually involved with men throughout his adolescence and adulthood. He was married twice, to two different women, and had at least six children. Ancient Greek society had no concept of a homosexual identity.  

This House would describe Alexander the Great as gay in history books.