The RE-ANCHOR tool (10minutes.

A way to change your reaction on a subconscious level, using an NLP technique called 'The Swish'.  Inspired by The Swish Pattern (Tony Robbins, NLP practitioner). Find a private spot, take about 10 minutes and think of something you’ve been reacting badly to - something you’d like to change the way you feel, think and react to. This powerful technique can help, with practice. It make take 2-3 practices to anchor it in fully.

  1. R: Reset & Rehearse. Do this process 10 times - get used to it, make it second nature.For the first time go slow, it’ll be clunky. Each time get easier, smoother and faster. By the 6th you should be doing this in a few seconds. The key is do it succinctly, rapid replacing of the anchor - as soon as you see the negative image and feel the emotion, quickly see the small positive, do the swish, feel happy and then open your eyes. 
  2. E: Emotive image: See/feel  what you don’t want (something that triggers a negative emotion or reaction. See and feel.
  3. A: Attractive image: See/feel a positive, attractive  image, represented as a thumbnail down in the corner. This image is a powerful you - a strong response free of any fear and feeling of being really proud of yourself, able, strong and motivated). See it and feel the pull of it.  
  4. N: Narrate: use your imagination along with your hands and voice - See the attractive image is small and low (one hand) and the emotional image is in the foreground (hand in front of face) Imagine the attractive image being pulled up and forward, increasing in speed and make the sound of this:”Woosh!” as you move  your hands to narrate the scene.
  5. C: Crush & change: imagine the image crashing through the other. It changes the forefront image to a bright new positive image and feeling. Clap the hands together and make a “Pah!” sound to lock in the new image.
  6. H: Hone: Feel it, face it, make it bright and clear -  welcome this new image and bask in the good feeling. Honour it now.
  7. O: Open your eyes
  8. R: Represent: Create a physical grounding anchor representation that you can use right now, and in the future; an action, touch and/or sound to represent the new feeling and image eg. hand on a body part whilst grunting the word ‘yes!’ Use whatever resonates for you, as a true bodily representation of this new mental image and feeling, that you can easily replicate so you don’t have to do the whole RE-ANCHOR process next time you need a quick boost.

Extra notes:

The trick about this technique is that it is like a stoic meditation, or exposure therapy. In the process you are allowing yourself to feel the fear of the situation many times but you rapidly replace it.

At the end of doing this 10-15 times notice how the original negative image now feels to you -  You may notice it is harder to recall, as the attractive image automatically replaces it.

You may have to re-anchor  this again later. Just remember to RE-ANCHOR can be a conscious choice, with repetition of exposure and practice of the RE-ANCHOR process or using the representation you create in the process for a quick an easy reminder. This also makes the new anchor more powerful by touching a part of the body and making a sound that resonates with the feeling and image.

Created by Neil Morbey (copyright)