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Follow Up Letter
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Follow Up Letter

The following form letter has been created to use specifically for the Observers Program.  The idea is to provide direct and personalized feedback for each observed official.




  1. Review the letter and omit those “phrases” that do not pertain to the official/game you observed.


  1. Make every effort to keep the observation positive, but focus on one or two areas that need the most help.


  1. Be as clear as possible in what you think needs to be improved (“You have to see between players to identify who initiated the foul,” “look past players with the ball to recognize shooting space earlier,” etc.) and then…


  1. Give suggestions on how to do that (“Make sure you are constantly moving to see chests and sticks, not backs and butts,” “move to look over the ball carrier’s shoulder, not directly behind her,” etc.) in the comment area.

  1. Remember, this is NOT a rating letter. You do not need to critique their entire game.  Just focus on a few things that they need to work on and explain how it can be improved.


  1. Forward the completed letter to me (NOT the observed official).



I have included a good number of phrases to make it easier for you to complete the evaluation.  Feel free to delete as many as you want, and to add something that you need.


I will forward the evaluation letter on to the Observed official and keep a copy for my records.  When the second evaluation is scheduled, I will send the original evaluation letter to the next Observer so they can review before the second evaluation (you may or may not be the Observer for both observations.)


Again, the idea is to identify key areas for improvement and then follow up to see if the officials have implemented the suggestions into their games.


Thanks for you participation in this.  If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.


(month) (date), 2017


Dear (   ),


Thank you for participating in the Susie Ganzenmuller Observers Program.  The purpose of the program is to develop officials by using on-field evaluations to help you improve your game. Below are some of the strengths and challenges _____ discussed with you after your observation:


Professionalism, Responsibility, Ethics:



Knowledge and Judgment:




Positioning, Field Coverage, Fitness:


·      Stayed ahead and outside of play while keeping all players and partner in view.




Game Management, Penalty Administration, and Mechanics:


·      Demonstrated ability to properly set up draw and properly whistle and signal goals.

·      Demonstrated proper mechanics for fouls.


Comportment, Communication, and Teamwork:











We hope that you found this Observation experience beneficial.


The information above was provided to help you improve.  It will be reviewed by your next Observer to assist you in incorporating these suggestions into your game, if you have not already done so.


If you have any questions about the Observation process, do not hesitate to contact me.




Susie Ganzenmuller Observers Program Coordinator