Cymbrogi School of WMA Tournament


Tournament Philosophy

Cymbrogi School of Western Martial Arts has been around for a long time and tried many different Tournament formats over the years.

Our School’s goal is to provide a “realistic WMA combat experience in a safe manner”. These two statements can sound contradictory to some. How can it be both safe...and realistic? We attempt to blend both the safety of a sporting game with the intensity of a high stakes fight for your life.  Sporting events can be a lot of fun and yet most of us find them dissatisfying in some way. Right of way, point values, missed calls from judges, obvious gaming from competitors--all these things can cause frustration and vary from event to event.

We seek to answer all of this by providing an event where things are simple. From the scoring system to adding an element of “self calling” so you have a vote in what happened. We want to focus on providing you with an avenue to not just display your Art but a chance to refine it against an opponent attempting to do the same.

This year we are also doing a “Single Sword, Offhand Optional” event. Sword and Buckler is gaining popularity, but in a lot of ways we find the events lacking due to low entries and varying skill levels. To up the stakes, we are inviting all of our side-sword and rapier/saber friends to come give it a try!

We are also having a very unique Ringen event! We have a lot of high level Ringen competitors in the region that find some clear differences between wrestling or judo type sports and the Martial Art displayed in historic fechtbucher. Again, we seek to blend the two by providing judges to watch for safety and open up the catalogue of options that we find in the manuals to be used in a practical way. This means standing submissions and ground fighting are allowed, but may be stopped early for the safety of the competitors.

Gear Requirements        

All gear except clothing and athletic cup can be provided if you do not have your own.

Open Steel Long Sword requirements, with the following exceptions:


Match Proceedings

Tournament Officials and Roles

Role of the Judges

Role of the Referee


        At the Sword

        Ringen am Schwert

Illegal Action





Elim Brackets/Finals

Ringen Tournament

Scoring Actions and Values

Ringen Points Breakdown:

Illegal Maneuvers

        For safety we have to have restrictions on some of the options found in the manuals.


This will be the first Tournament of it’s kind for HEMA. Typically this type of Ringen is discouraged in events because of lethality and safety concerns and for good reason. This event will navigate around those concerns with a little consideration from the Combatants.

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