South Bristol Amateur Radio Club

Novers Park Community Centre, Rear of 122 - 124 Novers Park Road, Bristol, BS4 1RN


  1. The Club shall be known as THE SOUTH BRISTOL AMATEUR RADIO CLUB.
  2. The objective of the Club shall be to promote interest in, and communication by, Amateur Radio.
  3. The headquarters of the Club shall be sited in South Bristol.
  4. The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting (hereafter called A.G.M.) each year at a date determined by the Officers and Committee, at which the Committee for the following year is elected by a vote of the paid up members.
  5. The Committee shall consist of at least 5 including the positions of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Technical Officer.  Other roles, such as but not limited to QSL manager, may be defined by the Committee as and when required and Committee members or in their absence paid up members of the Club shall be appointed to those roles at any Committee meeting.
  1. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings at which he/she is present
  2. The Vice-Chairperson will act as the Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson
  3. The Secretary shall be responsible for:
  1. Keeping the minutes of all meetings of the Club
  2. Ensuring that all correspondence is correctly handled
  3. Maintaining the master roll of members and honorary members
  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for:
  1. Keeping the Club accounts
  2. Advising the Club on financial matters
  3. Preparing the accounts for audit and presenting the accounts at the AGM and Committee meetings
  1. The Technical Officer shall be responsible for:
  1. Ensuring adequate operation of the Clubs equipment
  2. Assisting organisers of events with the provision of Club equipment
  3. Advising the Committee on requirements for new or additional equipment
  4. maintaining a register of the Clubs equipment
  1. The Club President shall be a 'life-time' appointment and not subject to re-election.
  2. The Committee shall meet as required, but not less than 4 times a year.  Meetings shall be open unless there are matters that must be discussed privately (such as but not limited to disciplinary matters) however members are not permitted to speak at a Committee meeting without prior agreement.
  1. A quorum for Committee Meetings shall consist of at least 5 Committee members
  2. The Club will be run as an Unincorporated Association but may establish vehicles, such as but not limited to a Trust, as the Officers of the Committee deem necessary to ensure sound financial management
  3. In the event that a trust or similar is formed all leases and agreements will include a provision acknowledging that the trustees are acting on behalf of the Club and that in no case will their personal liability exceed the amount by which they can be indemnified out of Club funds
  4. Committee members do not owe members a duty of care other than as might exist in common law.  the Club will maintain a public liability insurance cover either through affiliation to the RSGB or as might be secured on the open market to indemnify Officers, Committee Members and paid up members in respect of their legal liability to pay compensation and claimant's’ costs and expenses in respect of death, injury, illness or disease sustained by third parties arising out of the activities of chairpersons, committee members, and members of the Club in connection with Club activities
  5. The Club will indemnify any Officer, Committee Member or Club Member acting under the instructions of the Committee for any claims as a result of those instructions if the instructions were approved at a Committee meeting.  Indemnity is limited to the funds of the club.
  1. In the event of an ordinary member of the Committee resigning, the Committee may call upon a paid-up member as replacement for the remainder of the year.  In the event of the Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer resigning, the Committee shall appoint a replacement with immediate effect and confirm that appointment via an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) or AGM within 45 days of appointment.  The President shall be elected by all Club members at an A.G.M.  or E.G.M.
  2. Members shall subscribe each year such sums of money as shall be determined necessary for the upkeep of the Club including any such memberships as may be levied by outside organisations
  1. The Committee shall recommend the level of annual membership fees to be placed before the Club for approval at an A.G.M.  or E.G.M
  2. Any member in arrears of the annual membership shall not have voting rights
  3. A member in arrears of the annual membership may not hold any Committee post.
  4. A member shall be deemed to have resigned from the Club if by the end of the financial year the annual subscription has not been paid
  5. The Committee shall have the power to waive or reduce subscriptions in special circumstances
  1. These sums shall be paid annually in advance.  The Treasurer shall keep records of the status of each Members subscription.  Subscriptions shall be due on the 1st August of each year.
  1. Members shall also subscribe on each attendance a sum of money, as approved by the membership at an A.G.M.  or E.G.M, to cover the cost of accommodation.  This to be in addition to the Annual Subscription.
  1. New members shall only be liable for a pro-rata annual subscription for the part year outstanding.
  2. The Committee reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership.
  3. The Club shall meet regularly on an evening and with a frequency to be agreed with the membership
  4. The Club shall be affiliated to the R.S.G.B.
  5. The Committee shall appoint an Auditor each year to verify the financial records prior to the A.G.M.
  6. The Club shall hold a “Full” Amateur Club Radio Licence, this station to be operated in accordance with the regulations currently in force.
  7. The Club station shall enter contests whenever the Committee considers there is sufficient support from the membership, additionally the Club shall from time to time organise Special Event stations..
  8. The Club shall organise fund raising activities from time to time.
  9. An EGM may be convened at the written request of 5 paid-up members, in order to discuss one specific subject.
  1. In the event of the Club being wound-up, all equipment is to be sold for the best market price.  The monies generated, together with any funds in the Club account(s) will pass to The Radio Society of Great Britain.
  1. These rules may only be revised in accordance with the majority vote of the members of an AGM or EGM.  A majority vote shall be defined as being the greater of either the 'FOR' or 'AGAINST' in any vote of the paid-up members attending.

This revision dated 21st November 2014


Andy Jenner