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Earthquake Epicenters Lab

Use the 3 seismographs to determine the earthquake distance from each station. Then, use the map the draw in the epicircles.

Simply copy your data from the last table to here (it will make drawing the epicircles easier)


Distance to Epicenter (Copy over your data from earlier)

Balboa Heights (BH)

Boulder Colorado (BC)

Mexico City (MC)

Draw a star (*) at the location of the earthquake!

Now can you figure out exactly when the Earthquake occurred? (hint: you know how far away each station is from the earthquake, now use your ESRT backwards to figure out how long it took for the waves to get there).

The Earthquake occurred at ______________________

Conclusion and Analysis

5. Why may it be important for seismologists to determine where earthquakes occur?

6. Why do Earthquakes occur?

This is a picture of the Richter Scale. Use the internet or page 249 in the orange textbook,  to find an example of a place that has experienced an earthquake of each magnitude

Extra Practice!

For each of the above seismographs, find the P and S wave times


P-S wave time difference

Epicenter Distance





Which seismometer (1,2,3,or 4) was the earthquake closest to? How do you know?