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To the Families of Incoming Freshmen:

The transition from middle school to high school can bring about many questions for students and families. Knowing this, we have created this informational guide to help answer some frequently asked questions. We are very excited to welcome you to Chatfield Senior High School. The first day for Freshmen is August 16, 2018.


There is not a formal registration day at Chatfield Senior High (CSH) like in elementary and middle school. Your student registered in March 2018 for the entire school year and schedules are available online through Parent Portal. We build our master schedule on student choice, therefore we have a schedule change policy that is limited to a few exceptions. Please see our schedule change policy.


Picture Day:

Picture days will allow students to have their yearbook photo taken and receive their ID card..

Picture day this year is part of Freshmen Orientation and will be on August 16, 2018.

Make-up day is August 23, 2018.


Student Fees: 

You can begin paying for student fees on Jeffco Connect starting in July. There is a $60 Activity Pass you have the option to buy which allows your student to get in free to all regular season sporting events that are held in a Jeffco facility. If there are family members who live in Jefferson County and are over the age of 55, they can see our Athletic Secretary for a free Activity Pass.


First Day of School: 

Freshmen will attend orientation Thursday, August 16, 2018 from 7:15 AM-12:10 PM. They will be the only students in the building so they are better able to navigate and learn the building before the remaining students return on Friday. Students should bring their schedules and a writing utensil only. Students will not be provided time for lunch that day. Buses will be running at the regular morning time, and will leave our building at 12:10 PM on this day.

School Supplies: 

No school supply list is provided for students before school starts. Different teachers require different supplies. All students will learn what they need to bring to class on the first day of school.  A main staple to have is a sturdy and large backpack.  Students are issued lockers; however, many students do not use them and prefer to carry all of their books/supplies with them in their backpacks.

Typical CSH Day: 

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, classes run from 7:15 AM-2:27 PM. Students can arrive around 6:45 AM to better prepare for their day. Tuesdays and Thursdays are late start days with classes running from 8:00 AM – 2:27 PM (buses will still run at the regular time schedule). Late start days allow teachers time for professional development with their colleagues.

Freshmen typically have 6 classes (4 core and 2 elective) and on M, W, and F students will have Access. Access class is scheduled between 3rd and 4th hours. This class runs like a study hall and allows students to access their teachers throughout the building if they need support. Access is a graded and transcripted class. Attendance is taken just like any other class and students are expected to attend.


Buses are available for students who live in the busing areas. There is a $150 fee per year. The buses will run at the regularly scheduled time Monday through Friday (including the late start Wednesdays). For more information, see Bus Fees FAQ.


CSH has an open campus for all students. Freshmen are allowed off campus during their lunch period and can eat with whomever they would like. If they are leaving campus in a car with an older student, the older student must be legally able to have younger students in their car. If students do not want to leave campus, we have a full lunch program available to purchase. You can set up your student’s lunch account through Jeffco Connect and MyPaymentsPlus Website. Students may also pay with cash but not credit card at school.


Attendance is taken every period, every day. Students are expected to be on time and attend regularly. Tardies and unexcused absences can result in lunch detentions. An auto dialer is sent out on a daily basis if your student has unexcused absences. If you are requesting an early dismissal, please call the attendance line at 303-982-3556. This pass will NOT be delivered to your student. Your student must retrieve this pass from the attendance office in order to be dismissed from their class. The student then needs to sign out of the attendance office before leaving the building. Guardians do not need to sign out in the office. When the student returns to school (either late or after an appointment) the student must sign in in the attendance office. In order to excuse an absence, you must call the attendance line at 303-982-3556. Parent notes will not be accepted. For more information, see our Attendance Policy page.


CSH is implementing a 1:1 device program for the incoming Freshmen starting in August 2017. All Freshmen will be given a Chromebook in August that they will keep throughout their four years at Chatfield. There will be a one-time $219 fee associated with this device. Students will be expected to have their devices daily and fully charged. Students do not need to bring in any other device, as Chatfield will be issuing the Chromebooks for the students. The purchase of a Chromebook is mandatory for all Freshmen starting in 2017. If your student comes with the signed parent contract for the Chromebook and the fee has been paid, your child will be able to get his/her Chromebook during Freshmen Orientation on August 16th. The Parent Contract is linked here and can be found on our website on the 1:1 Chromebook page, please print, sign and have your student bring on August 16th. We have protective cases for purchase, highly recommended, but not required.



Students are able to bring cellphones to school, but can only use them in the classroom if directed by their teacher. Any items that become a distraction in class can be taken away by any CSH staff member and returned at a later time. These items may be confiscated by teachers and delivered to the main office. Confiscated items may need to be picked up by parents. The telephones in the main offices and rooms are for school business only. Parents should only call their student at school if it is an emergency. The school and faculty are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or confiscated cell phones. For this reason, the school encourages students to leave all cell phone devices at home. See teachers’ syllabi for individual classroom expectations. Taking photographs or video of students/school personnel is prohibited.

Graduation Requirements: 

Freshmen are typically registered for 6 classes plus Access each semester for a total of 3.125 credits a semester. At the end of their Freshman year, students should have a total of 6.25 credits accrued. Graduation requires 23 credits in total. The Freshman class of 2021 and beyond will have an additional requirement to graduate beyond the 23 credits. They must meet or exceed one of the indicators on the graphic on the left.  World Language classes are not required to graduate. However, some colleges will recommend or require a certain number of years of successful World Language as a requirement to admission in their school.Please see your counselor for additional information.


A student is graded on their content knowledge and work habits all together in one grade. CSH uses the standard A, B, C, D, F grading scale. Each teacher will explain their grading process to the students at the beginning of each semester and in their syllabus. The late-work policy is determined by teacher.


You will receive weekly Friday emails about upcoming events, new happenings and general information. Each month Principal Chad Broer will send an email updating parents of important dates, student accomplishments and Points of Pride. Please visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@chatfieldsenior).


All students have access to a Guidance Counselor. Counselors are assigned by the student’s last name. Counselors will help students with many issues ranging from scheduling to college planning to emotional and social issues.

Assistant Principals:

All students are assigned an Assistant Principal based upon their grade level. The incoming Freshman class of 2022 will be assigned to Mr. Pickering.


There are two Deans of Students who will work with students throughout the year. Students are assigned deans by the first letter of their last name. Ms. Law (A-Li) and Ms. Bixler (Ll-Z).

Back to School Night: 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018, 6:30 PM starting in the gym. Families will receive additional information about CSH to help support their student(s).

Summer Read:

All students at CSH are assigned summer reading assignments. Please look at the website to determine your student’s assignments. Here is the link. 

Welcome to Chatfield Senior High School!

We look forward to working with you and your family on the road to high school graduation.
Go Chargers!


Fall Head Coaches





Boys Football

Bret McGatlin


Boys Golf

Steve Schimpeler


Girls Gymnastics

Chanel Chavez


Boys Soccer

Brock Blume


Girls Softball

Jen Lazzeri


Boys Tennis

Devin Van Treeck


Girls Volleyball

Stephanie Schick


Boys Cross Country

Jeff Mages


Girls Cross Country

Angie Erb



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