To:           Charles Fisher, Super-Toy Programming Director

From:         Henry Swinton, Managing Director

Date:          5 August 2258

Re:           Continuing Verbal Communication-Center Errors

As indicated in past reports, the verbal communication-center of Synthank’s super-toys still occasionally displays malfunctions.  Though next-generation super-toys are still confined to use by employee-families and investors, they must be our highest priority item.  Innovative hardware and software solutions keep Synthank in the forefront of the synthetic life-form market.

Super-Toy Product Mission

As we work toward human-like intelligence, our programmers and designers must understand how the human brain functions.  However, we also design for customers who are aware that our products are not human and do not want them to appear as such.  Super-toys should not be hurtful, deceitful, snobbish, or exhibit any other negative personality trait.  Marketing research shows that our customers come to us in search of companions.  Our products should strive to combine the needs of our customers with that special Synthank guarantee—that our robots exist to better humanity.  This means that each product must be designed with the proper compassion to ensure it treats its customer-owner better than anyone else.

Error Reports

More than one customer has complained that our beta super-toys fail to provide them with proper comfort.  If a super-toy cannot provide companionship to its human, it should not be in existence. Super-toys are programmed to love their owners.  Love consists of more than a declaration; it requires careful attention, perceptive interaction, and diligent service.  Our next-generation super-toys are providing none of these and instead act like children, putting their own needs above those of their customer-owners.  I request your programming team address this issue and repair the bugs that cause this malfunction as soon as possible.

I will be glad to review your team goals and deadlines for the next month at our Monday meeting.