Frank J Mitchell Elementary School Library

March 8, 2017 @ 6 pm



Executive Members In Attendance


Renee MacCormack, Crystal Tennant, Lee Wilm, Jason Dobson, Anita Dobson, Sam Rector, Dany Vinet, Dustin Auger, Holly Smith, Mike Etele, Tiffany Rybachuk, Shane Bachmier, Dawn Weatherbee, Blaine Beranek


Non-Executive Members In Attendance


Rhonda Clark, Kent Anderson, Nicole Latka, Christine Nicol, Crystal Hartery, Lyndsey Vinet, Kristy Cytko, Jeff Cytko, Christina Bilski, Peggy Wells, Nicholle Auger, Katelon Kennedy, Diane Halladay, Matt Ford, Travis Corkle, Sarah Corkle, Karla Chatterson, Ewen Koch, Diana Holm, Brent Roberts, Bruce Doey, Elisha Lacey, Rayne Lacey


Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm by Jason Dobson.


Motion to adopt last month’s minutes made by Shane Bachmier seconded by Crystal Tennant.


President’s Report – Jason Dobson

·       Pretty good season. Kids did really well.

o   Atoms Gold 2nd

o   PeeWees won banner

o   Bantams 2nd

o   Midgets won banner


Vice-President’s/EK League Report – Lee Wilm


Treasurer’s Report – Renee MacCormack

·       Balance in High Country is $3,635.84



Registrar’s Report – Anita Dobson

Nothing to report


High Country – Sam Rector

Referee Coordinator – Shane Bachmier


Referee in Chief – Dwight Kerkhoven



Coach Coordinator – Tiffany Rybachuk


Equipment Manager - Vacant


Ice Coordinator – Holly Smith


Risk Manager – Blaine Beranek

Was not present at time of report. Jason Dobson said he had received nothing to report from Blaine.


Public Relations – Crystal Hartery


Fundraising Coordinator – Dawn Weatherbee


Special Events – Crystal Tennant


Female Coordinator – Vacant


New Business

4  Lee from EK

o   As a result of what happened in Cranbrook Minor Hockey:

§  As an association, have your policies in order and meeting minutes up to speed so you have the notes of any issues that arise or repeated problems so things are documented

§  BC Hockey is implementing a new code of conduct to support CMHA. Then they will pass it around to all of the EK to keep things consistent.

§  Once we get the new code of conduct, we will add them to our policies. Will follow the guidelines to make changes to policy.

o   Everyone is a volunteer and we need remember that.


4  Fundraising Audit – Dawn Weatherbee

o   Got audited on how we are doing 50/50 at the Novice game on Saturday, March 4

o   The lady will send Dawn a report. Then we have two weeks to comply. Rules will need to be put in to effect for the 2017-2018 season. Trying to get out so that people know what to do.

o   A few things that will need to be addressed

§  Three levels of pricing require three different coloured tickets if we choose to offer three levels of pricing

§  Control sheets – keeping track of first number sold to the last ticket sold

§  Who is selling needs to be recorded (gets recorded on the control sheet)

§  Kids cannot draw the winner

§  Sleeves need to be pulled up – cannot draw the ticket if you bought tickets

o   Had a seminar in Sparwood – didn’t get much out of it as she knew the other stuff

o   Renee and Dawn are getting together in April to do the revenue reports for submission to BC Gaming




4  Spring Registration

o   Deadline will be the end of April.

o   $50 (non-refundable deposit needs to be paid)

§  If players move or if teams do not happen, then the $50 is refunded

o   Allows for coach selection sooner

o   Tournaments can be booked because we would know our teams in advance

o   April 5th at the Rec Centre from 5 pm to 7 pm

§  Anita can be there (Renee will let Sheri Taylor at the Rec know that Minor Hockey would like a table for this night)

§  Other volunteers are welcomed to help Anita on this night

§  Renee will email an old registration form she found to Anita so she can update the form to reflect current prices

o   Will look to see how and when it can be done online

o   Email coaches and managers so they are aware that parents can register early

§  Once details are confirmed, Jason will send an email to managers to forward to parents

o   First time player needs to fill out paperwork and submit to Registrar. They cannot fill it out the registration form with Hockey Canada online. This needs to be started by the Registrar.

o   Need to put Spring Registration info in the paper

§  April 5th at the Rec 5-7 will have a table there

§  Deadline to register and receive this year’s rates is April 30

o   Fees will be different between spring and fall


4  Prizes for banquet

o   Tim Horton’s Cards

o   Crystal motioned for $200 to be spent for Tim Horton’s gift cards – Five $20 cards per banquet. Shane seconded. All in favour. Opposed none.


4  Ice Meeting – March 15 at 5 pm at the Rec Centre

o   Need to submit ice requests to the District of Sparwood by April 30

o   Jason will make the meeting

o   Holly will go as well


4  Will have an AGM in April as well

o   Discuss changes for policies, bylaws

o   Need to update bylaws and constitution as per BC Society Act guidelines

o   Publicly – need to advertise 14 days in advance about a meeting to discuss changes to bylawas and policies and need at least 15 people present and 75% to vote in favour of the changes. Some are new policies some are wording.


4  Christina Bilski - Proposed Novice Tournament and Pre-Novice Tournament alternate years and locations

o   she asked for clarification on her question. Wants pre novice in sparwodd one year and then elkford the next year

o   There were some difficulties this year co-hosting a tourney

§  Sometimes you have too many hands in the pot

§  Misinterpretations and cross-town planning

o   It’s hard to do two tournaments for those ages. Had it in the past where some tournament would have 8 teams and the other team would have 3.

§  Reason was to try and join together to make a stronger tournament.

o   Keep weekends consistent so teams know from year to year.


4  Discussion around Cross-Ice (IP)

o   Novice will likely still run in to the same problem because Alberta is not cross-ice yet and will likely be full ice still for the 2017-2018 season.

§  If Novice and Pre-Novice from AB would like to book tourneys in our arenas, they can only use our ice if they run a cross-ice program.

o   Dimensions and to find them is a bit of a problem. The wording says ¼ ½ or portion of. There are no mandated lines. As long as it is modified ice.

o   At the beginning of the season, you make up the rules that everyone follows for the league as long as you stay within the BC hockey rules.


4  What about Bantams for next season?

o   Are we going to proactively try to plan with Fernie to keep the Bantam team in Sparwood?


4  Posting minutes to website

o   It was asked for minutes to be posted. Lee was going to work on updating the webpage to remove old minutes and post new ones

4  Much discussion about development teams and dividing teams and splitting geographically.

o   No decisions were made but concerns were expressed

o   Blaine stated that from his experience in Minor Hockey, one of the biggest complaints in hockey is why are we travelling for the younger players?

o   Historically has divided geographically.

o   Until we get final numbers, vote needs to go to the parents.

§  Proposals need to be put forward and then it gets voted on the parents.

4  Novice to Atoms Transition

o   Lee – BC Hockey is putting in a transition plan from Novice to Atoms. Plan has not been released yet but there is something in the works. Potential time is the first two weeks in September.

Next AGM, April 13 in Elkford Community Centre @ 6 pm. Crystal Tennant will book the space.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.



_______________________________________                                 _______________________________________

Jason Dobson, President                                                                          Lee Wilm, Vice-President



Frank J Mitchell Elementary School Library

March 8, 2017 @ 6 pm


Meeting started 7:47 pm following a brief break after the Executive meeting.


Election of the 2017/2018 Executive




-        Jason Dobson will remain on as president (two year term ends after 2017-2018 season)

-        This is his second year of his second term


Vice President


-        Lee Wilm is at the end of his two year term

-        Bylaws indicate president and vice-president should be from different communities (if possible)

-        Matt Ford nominated Tiffany Rybachuk for Vice President

-        By acclimation

-        Tiffany accepted position for two year term (2017-2018 & 2018-2019)

-        All in favour


*Blaine Beranek – took the opportunity to thank Lee for the time and dedication he gave to Elk Valley Minor Hockey. He has held multiple positions and Lee has been one of the best board members Blaine has had the experience of working with.


Recording Secretary


-        Position was vacant

-        Diane Halladay put her name forward for a two year term (2017-2018 & 2018-2019)

-        All in favour




-        Renee is stepping down

o   Will not leave things high and dry

o   But will be done by August so position will need to be filled by then

-        Currently remains vacant




-        Currently held by Anita as she joined part way through season

-        Anita put her name forward for two year term (2017-2018 & 2018-2019)

-        All in favour


Referee Coordinator/Referee-in-Chief


-          Dwight Kerkhoven will remain as Referee-in-Chief

-          Shane Bachmier – second year of two year term (two year term ends after 2017-2018 season)


Coach Development Coordinator


-          Tiffany stepped out of position as she accepted Vice President

-        Mike Etele put his name forward for a two year term (2017-2018 & 2018-2019)

-        All in favour


Equipment Manager


-        Melissah Gerardy-Ruta stepped down before Christmas but will help transition someone

-        Sarah Corkle was nominated by Karla Chatterson

-        Sarah accepted this position for a two year term (2017-2018 & 2018-2019)

-        All in favour


Risk Manager


-          Blaine Beranek will remain as Risk Manager as he is in second year of two year term (two year term ends after 2017-2018 season)


Fundraising Coordinator


-          Dawn Weatherbee will remain as Fundraising Coordinator

-          As she started part way through 2016-2017 season, she is able to start a two year term (2017-2018 & 2018-2019)

-          All in favour


Special Events


-          Crystal Tennant is in second year of two year term which ends after 2017-2018 season


High Country


-          Samantha Rector will remain as High Country as she is in second year of two year term which ends after 2017-2018 season


East Kootenay Rep


-        Lee Wilm was nominated by Jason Dobson

-        Lee accepted the nomination – in by acclimation for a two year term (2017-2018 & 2018-2019)

-        All in Favour


Public Relations


-          Crystal Hartery will remain as Public Relations Rep

-          As she started part way through 2016-2017 season, she is able to start a two year term (2017-2018 & 2018-2019)

-          All in favour


Ice Coordinator


-          Holly Smith will remain for second year of two year term (two year term ends after 2017-2018 season)


Female Coordinator


-          Holly nominated Nicholle Auger for Female Coordinator

-          Nicholle accepted position

-          In by acclimation for a two year term (2017-2018 & 2018-2019)

-          All in favour


Webmaster (non-voting)


-          Crystal Hartery will do it – will roll in to Public Relations duties

o   At AGM, will discuss rolling these duties in to the duties of public relations


Wild Wear Representative (non-voting)


-          Ashley Brunet put her name forward

-          In by acclimation

-          All in favour



Director 1 - ref/coach coordinator assistant: Jeff Cytko/Dany Vinet

Director 2 - equipment/risk manager assistant: Dany Vinet/Jeff Cytko


Director 3 - fundraising/public relations assistant: Ewen Koch


We had four people nominated for directors. Bylaws indicate that members need to be from opposite town of those people that they would support. Ewen Koch was the only Elkford person so he became Director 3 as both the fundraising coordinator and public relations people are from Sparwood. The final three people were put to a vote. The vote took place on the whiteboard as people left – results will be emailed. The three people voted on were:

-         Matt Ford

-         Jeff Cytko

-         Dany Vinet


Vote Results:

Jeff Cytko and Dany Vinet received the most votes for Director. Jeff and Dany can figure out which of the Director positions they will hold.



New business



Dustin Auger would like to discuss the addition of a position to the executive regarding the Player Development Committee that was talked about this season.

·       Jason said to table it for next meeting

·       Dustin is interested in taking this on as his role within Minor Hockey


Executive members for the 2017/2018 season:

President:                                                        Jason Dobson                  

Vice President:                                             Tiffany Rybachuk           

Secretary:                                                        Diane Halladay               

Treasurer:                                                        VACANT             

Registrar:                                                         Anita Dobson                  

Referee Coordinator:                                Shane Bachmier             

Referee in Chief:                                           Dwight Kerkhoven  

Coach Coordinator:                                  Mike Etele        

Equipment Manager:                                Sarah Corkle                      

Risk Manager:                                                Blaine Beranek

Fund Raising Coordinator:                    Dawn Weatherbee  

Special Events Coordinator:                 Crystal Tennant              

High Country Rep:                                      Samantha Rector          

East Kootenay Rep:                                    Lee Wilm          

Public Relations/ Webmaster:            Crystal Hartery               

Ice Coordinator:                                          Holly Smith

Female Coordinator:                                Nicholle Auger

Wild Wear:                                                     Ashley Brunet                  

Director 1:                                                      Jeff Cytko/Dany Vinet                    

Director 2:                                                      Dany Vinet/Jeff Cytko                    

Director 3:                                                      Ewen Koch    


AGM will be held in April to discuss any changes to policies and bylaws.

Next AGM meeting is April 13 in Elkford at 6 pm at the Elkford Community Centre.