Same Sex Marriage

Aaron Klapheck


There is a lot of argument about same sex marriage these days. I believe this problems stems from the word marriage itself. Marriage can mean one of two things.

1. A religious ceremony done in the name of God(s) by a priest or other religious leader which comes with moral beliefs and practices dependent on the religion in question. 

2. A legal action which comes with certain securities, benefits, rights, and obligations.


Domestic partnerships and civil unions were created to allow gay couples to gain the second definition of marriage. This has been shown to be the case as more of the rights documented in domestic partnerships and civil unions come closer and closer to the rights documented in marriage. While most of these rights are not on the same level as the rights listed in marriage this is mostly due to the fact that marriage has been around for so much longer. It took over two hundred years for marriage and all of its legal implications to get as complicated as they are right now.

But ultimately it is not legal equality described in the second definition that the gay community is really after. What is truly sought is the first definition, moral equality. Homosexuals want their partnerships to be viewed on the same level as marriage. It would not matter if every legal right was identical between domestic partnerships and marriage - they are not after the legality of marriage they are after the societal acceptance of marriage. They want their behavior validated and accepted by the society they live in. 

While many people do accept and validate the gay lifestyle, which they have the right to do, this validation should only come from people of their own free will and choice. We should never try to force our moral beliefs on others. This is why gays are doing the right thing and having society collectively vote on the matter. If the majority of people do not accept the moral implications of marriage then they should not be forced to accept it no matter how right or wrong it may be.

Any Christian trying to force, coerce, or manipulate a gay person into becoming strait is not of God and is against his fellow man. Just because someone performs an act that Christians don't agree with, doesn't mean that Christians should show them any less love and kindness.