Sweet 16 vs Nicky Cage Fan Club


First phase heroes in the last month: Centaur x3, Lifestealer x2, Disruptor x3, Skywrath Mage x1, Slardar x2, Axe x1, Ember x1

Phase 2/3 heroes in the last month: SF x3, Wraith King x2, Nyx x3, Enigma, VS, Storm, QoP, Skywrath Mage x2, SS, Shaker x2, Slark

Hero Spammers?

Nauk = Mirana spammer

Probably ban Centaur +1


1st pick

2nd pick

Setting up for Verve Chaos Knight

Strength Opener

        Assume banned Centaur, Disruptor, Alchemist, Timbersaw

On the turn