Monday, November 12th,2018

B Day

Good morning Students and Teachers

Happy Birthday 

Lunch today: Chili haystacks and garden salad

Yesterday was officially Veterans Day, the day when we honor and celebrate those individuals who have served in the U.S. military.  Yesterday also was officially the 100th anniversary marking the official end of World War I.  Today, to honor those who have served, the 7th grade has invited a number of veterans to join them for a luncheon in the Commons.  If you see a veteran in the building today, please say “hello” and thank them for their service to our country.  If you are attending the luncheon, remember to be respectful at all times and take the time to visit with any veterans in attendance.  We want everyone who comes to the luncheon to have a great experience at our middle school.  In addition to the veterans who will be visiting today, we have a veteran on our staff, Mr. Shobe.   Thank you Mr. Shobe, for your service to our nation!

(Mon) Yearbook Editors and Staff, there will be a work day in the Writing Lab during Advisory.

(Mon-Fri) To those students and family members interested in the trip to France next Spring Break, the applications are due next week with the deadline next Friday. See Mr. Clairmont for more details.

The fall chess tournament begins Tuesday - that’s tomorrow, folks - in the library during recess. See Mr. Mortimer for the answer to all your questions!.

Students- Please get your things out of lost and found.  Everything will be donated after parent teacher conferences next week.

Please rise for the pledge of allegiance….

Teachers, please take attendance and send lunch money to the office now.  Thanks, and have a ...

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