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Dead man.

Haunted Mc Dś.






300 years into the future there was a man called Jayden. He was going to Mac Donalds on his Horse.When he got there he saw a dead man! He was horrified. He went to the counter and out came a Robber! Jayden thought that he was the one that killed the man.So he called the police and the police were there in 25.846 seconds but when the police came the robber was gone! But then Jayden saw him out the window and told the police and the police started chasing him. They got into there cars and chased him into a dead end that took them ages. When they got him Jayden was right behind them and said that there was a dead man as well so one of the police went back to the Mac Donalds and called the hospital and the robber went to prison and Jayden finally got his order. And they all lived horribly ever after.   The End/Fin


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