Telecon 26/November/2013


0. Preliminaries (5 mins)

   Possibly some talk about areaDetector meeting at BNL next week

1. Project tracking proposal (Greg, Andrew, Bob)

   More info very soon.

2. More status review.

   Should be able to complete the work list review in this meeting,

   prior to switching to the project tracking solution to be proposed in 1 above.


Present: AJ, DH, GW, MK, MS, TK,GC

Scribe: TK

Chair: GW




GW: Who is going to be at the BNL meeting next week?

DH: I will. Looks possible to get (about) 100% utilization of 10 GBE with PVA and AreaDetector

MK: I will be there, too

AJ,SV will not be there


TOPIC: Jan-Feb EV4 face-to-face meeting:


GW: talk about the January meeting?

MK: I have not heard anything about the meeting

MS: End of February would probably be a good time.

GW: Please send date constraints to the mailing list.

MS: any plans for IPAC?


TOPIC: Project Tracking Process

GW: Please take a look at the email that describes the process document, how to do process tracking. Borrows concepts from agile development.

GW outlines the contents of the proposal.

MK: proposed changes should be turned into action items?

GW: yes. Action item should fit into a month. If not, consider splitting.


AI on MK: split the proposal for changes to pvAccess and pvData, into action items


MK: will do, after receiving comments on the proposals.

GW: people should care of their own action items.

GC: CSS/Eric is setting up something similar, please take a look.

GW: will talk to Eric. maybe we can use similar methods

GC: some tasks may be common or close to.

GW: Will generate the dashboard from the worklist. Format TBD

RESOLUTION: We will use the project tracking process as described in 6.2 of the Process Document.

New Topic: Complete status review:

Windows port

MS: works in principle, one issue with templates on Windows.

pvData will be finished this week (imports/exports)

GW: asks about coordination between Andrew/Matej/Peter

MS: building on the regular EPICS base (no special mods)

GW: what build mechanism? make?

MS: will use make

GW: can MS write a howto on Windows?

AJ: should build in the standard way

GW: just inform people if there are any differences in building on Windows.

AJ: all build instructions are valid on Windows, too.

GW: if somebody sends a sentence about Windows, I will edit it into the howto

AJ: “EPICS V4 modules released after 4.3.0 should build and run on Windows just like on any other supported target architecture, once the requisite Base module has been successfully built. Instructions for building Base on Windows can be found on the EPICS website at

AJ: vxWorks build fails on Tornado 2.2  after the latest changes (of Michael). Others do build OK.

Michael needs to fix the issues in pvData.

MS: Is targeting Windows XP. Not 8. But states it’s the compiler not the version which counts.

AI: on Michael, fix pvData build for Tornado 2.2 in shared_vector (enabler pattern).

GW: status of microbenchmark issues.

MS: The ubenchmarking still won’t build on vxWorks (also true for Windows)

AI on AJ: Create jenkins build for windows.

MS: building on Windows XP

AJ: will probably use Windows 7 for the builds.

GW: status of the web pages. Fixed a number of broken links. Many links are still broken.

If somebody knows how to refer to a document so that it is shown in the browser rather than downloading it, please let me know.

GW: a list of architectures and compilers is required. Andrew, can you supply it?

GW: doxygen for the packages?

MS: public API is documented.

GW: top level description wanted


AI on all module owners: write a top level description for the libraries (for doxygen)

        pvDataJava / CPP  MK

            pvAccessJava / CPP  MS

           pvaSrvCPP RL

           exampleJava / CPP (GW, DH)



AJ: If we want to merge back into the EPICS base, then refer to the existing EPICS open license.

RESOLUTION: All V4 code that is intended to be merged into EPICS Base must be submitted under the terms of the EPICS Open License,