Since 2000

What’s For Lunch


Mixed Field Green Salad House Vinaigrette    $7

Soup of the Day                                                          $7

Wild Mushroom Fricassee, Truffle Polenta       $8

Avocado Toast, Pulled Pork, Lime Crema          $8                    

Blistered Green Beans, Pork Belly                       $8

Korean BBQ Pork Belly, Kimchi                             $8

[ Entrees]

  All Sandwiches etc are served with a house salad. sub fries for $2.50

   Bacon Grilled Chicken Sandwich    Cheddar Cheese,Kansas City BBQ Sauce         $13   

   Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich     PIckles, Sweet & Really Spicy Cayenne                $13   

   Ray’s Ultimate Chicken Sandwich      Spicy Pickle Slaw, Sambal Mayo                   $13     

   Grilled  Korean BBQ Chicken Sandwich     Gochujang BBQ Sauce, Kimchi       $13

Grilled Caesar Salad     House Caesar Dressing, Peppadews, Parm           $12

 Kale and Pistachio Salad     Fennel, Dried Cherries, Pistachio Dressing        $13

Thai Grilled Beef Salad     Jicama, Herb Salad, Lime Vinaigrette       $15

Add-ons for any salad

 Chicken $6 ⧙ Steak, Shrimp  $8 ⧙ Fish $9   

Sauteed Norwegian Salmon  Asparagus, Honey Whole Grain Mustard     $18

Steak Frites   Grilled Steak, Hand Cut Fries, Steak Sauce     $16    

Blackened  Shrimp,  Dirty Rice     $16

Seasonal Gnocchi   Marinara, Parm     $14

Thai Style Seafood Stew      Shrimp,  Fish, Scallop, Thai Coconut Curry     $15