#151 - The Angry Chicken: “Title”

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Iksar Interview

Old Gods



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TACO Spring is complete!

Congrats to our winner Brewdon who took down his formidable opponent clynch 3-0. His deck lists are posted over on the TAC Reddit, along with a lot of good info on decklists and prep from some of our higher finishers. You can also find all the stats for the tournament over on Battlefy.VOD is up on Twitch now, and will be on YouTube soon.

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HCT EU Spring Prelims

The HCT European Spring Preliminaries took place of the weekend with compLexity getting two players into the final 8, Crane and Loyan.


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Dear Apoplectic Avians,

I am a priest player so I appreciate a good milkshaking. I think you can define the goal of the milkshake deck as trying to defeat your opponent with their own cards. Well, today, I ran into the opposite: A player who is trying to win with any cards other than their own.

I queue into a warlock and get ready to face off against zoo. I go first. On turn 1, he voidwalkers. So far, so normal. On turn 2, he taps. On turn 3, he Senses Demons... something is afoot. I respond by Thoughtstealing and getting two warlock cards that look like normal zoo. I'm confused at this point. Then... on turn 4... he Renounces Darkness and his hero power becomes shaman. Here we go.

I prepared to face an army of totems but, on the next turn, he plays our favorite murloc, Sir Finley Murrgleton and gets the druid hero power. For the record, I am now facing off against a warlock with shaman cards and the druid hero power. It's like some bizarre Hearthstone Chimera.

But the insanity didn't end. After a few turns, he plays Elise Starseeker and he shuffles a map in. Then he plays the Charged Hammer and after a few turns with that little gem, he goes from having the druid hero power to the Shaman 2-damage hero power. So, for the record, at this point, he's had 4 different hero powers. Also, I'm running Shifting Shades and Thoughtsteals. I am now holding in MY hand a mix of Priest, Warlock, and Shaman cards. And seeing as I'm thoughtstealing his cards that randomly transformed, I actually know more about what's in his deck than he does. This isn't your normal meta match.

After the game shifts to the late game, he then decides, "Well, I'm tired of these shaman cards" and then plays the Golden Monkey to get all legendaries. So... for the record he had four hero powers and shuffled his entire deck to random cards twice. I ended up winning but it was a close match that ended when I entombed his Anomolus.

This is why I play Hearthstone,



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Top O' the morning to ya Crazy Cluckers!

First I have to say, I'm a huge fan of the show, I have been listening since the Naxx release.

I currently have 7 out of 9 golden heroes with Rogue and Priest remaining. I decided Miracle and Deathrattle Rogue would be my best bet. Day One of the release I crafted Xaril and went on my merry way. After playing quite a few games and playing a ton of Xaril (Even getting him from Journey Below almost every time, and Shadowcasting him for maximum poison potential) it got me wondering if there's actually a weighted draw for the poisons. It seems like most of the time I get the +3 Attack, and Conceal, and less frequently the Draw a Card poisons. But now that I've settled into Miracle Rogue it seems frustrating that I very rarely get the 2 Damage poison, especially when you're eeking out every point of damage to keep the miracle alive and finish your opponent.

Just wondering if you guys or anyone else has had this experience, or maybe I just have terrible luck.


Hey guys! I was an early beta tester for Hearthstone and recently returned to the game at Whispers' release, after quitting when Naxxramas came out (due to what I perceived as a stagnant metagame that Blizzard had no interest in changing).

I have been delighted to find that Hearthstone now has a healthy and diverse metagame, with lots of different deck types for each class, and a HUGE community devoted to studying and playing the game that just wasn't there when I was playing in Beta. Who would have thought that Shaman would ever be PLAYABLE, let alone a top class?

So my question is: People who know what they're talking about seem to like Ancestral Knowledge. I think Dills even had it in his recent Shaman deck. Everything I know about card economy tells me this card is junk; I'm paying 4 mana to increase my hand by 1. Can you explain why I should ever include this in my Shaman decks?


Howdy Hostile Hens,

I'm hoping you can help me determine if I'm a crafty player or a bad person.

I was in the arena and noticed that my opponent was playing slowly for no good reason. He didn't have complex turns to ponder - just idle, idle, play fast, idle...  

Fast forward to turn 9 - I'm losing badly - until my Shifter Zerus becomes Nozdormu. I'm looking at the card, I know I'm going to play it, but I also know that my opponent is tabbing out. Is it fair play to hold the card until the end of my rope and increase the chance my opponent misses his turn? Is it fine to play the person - not just the game?

Take this line of play further... If I don't like Aggro decks, is it fair to rope every turn and remove the incentive of 'getting through game fast' from Aggro players?


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