Here are some simple things to remember to avoid inconveniences -

1) If you are sewing dresses to donate, please make sure that you are using the right kind of fabric material. Fabric materials should not be the thin or flimsy type, must be able to withstand washing in rugged environments. Cotton fabrics are highly recommended.

2) Same with pairs of shorts, please use fabric materials that are meant for shorts and do not make them short shorts. Make them longer. Do not use thin and flimsy materials as they also will not look good on the boys. Same as dresses, shorts that do not meet the guidelines will not be included in any of the distributions.


Please note that if you can see your hand through the fabric material, then that means you are not using the right material to make a dress. The dresses that we make are supposed to make the girl wearing it more decent so please bear this mind when sewing a dress. We should be making dresses that the girls can outgrow and last longer for this could be the only dress they get to own and wear.

Any dresses found to be using flimsy materials and does not meet the quality required will not be included in any of the distributions.


3) Avoid using fabrics that require linings. If the material requires a lining that means it is not strong enough to withstand washing in rugged environments. Also dresses with linings are double the weight of dresses without lining. Instead of sending 2 dresses I can only send 1. Please be more understanding of the weight of the dresses that you donate.

4) If you are using ribbons, please use the grained type of ribbon and make sure it is long enough to tie. The same goes with bias tapes if you are using this for pillowcase style of dresses. Please be generous with the length to make the dress wearable.

5) If you are using ribbons, make sure that you run a few stitches at the point where they need to end in the neckline area (near the armpit) to make sure that they do not get detached from the dress. The dress will not become wearable without the ribbons and what a waste of time, money and effort in sending those dresses only to end up not wearable.

6) Please use real ribbons and not the ribbons being used for gift-wrapping. Gift-wrapping ribbons will not even last a one-day wear.

7) No second-hand or used clothing. Please do not waste your time and money for postage in sending used clothing. Used clothings will not be included in any of the distributions. This rule is also in fairness to all the ladies who find the time to sew.

8) If you are recycling fabrics, please remove the part of the fabric that has stains on it.

9) Please do not send me anything that is not required unless I have posted asking for these items or I am running charity drives. Asked me if there is a need for items other than what is needed by Dress A Girl Australia before you send them to me. My home is very small and have no space for unwanted items nor do I have the time to dump them on your behalf. Those items you can readily donate or dumped in charity bins. Helping some of you who wants to make a difference in this world is good but to make my place a dumping ground for unwanted items is not something that I fully appreciate.

9) No repairs will be made to dresses donated that I think do not meet the standard. They will not be included in any of the distributions. We want to see the dress worn by the child for as long as it can be worn and not just a one-day wear. Remember, for some, this could be the only dress that they get to wear and call their own for a long period of time. Dresses requiring repairs wil not be included in any of the distributions.

10) No metallic or breakable items will be accepted such as headbands. If you want to include an extra item in any of your dresses, make sure they are made of fabric. Non-fabric items add weight to the items as well. Anything received will not be included in any of the distributions.

 *** Items not meeting the guidelines will not be returned. If you want your dresses back, please provide an Australia Post paid satchel so I can send them back to you. There is a way to avoid this and that is by following the guidelines. *****

Thank you and thank you for your understanding.