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*The terms of this contract have changed from our previous contract*

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  1. Saddles, bridles, bits, harnesses, blankets, coolers, fly sheets, pictures and other equine related items and equipment, as well as riding clothing, including lightly used jackets, ratcatchers, paddock boots, field boots, dress boots, breeches, jodhpurs, chaps, half chaps, schooling wear, etc. may be accepted for consignment at the discretion of an All About Equestrian Employee. Items not in good and clean condition, or in need of any repair, will not be accepted for consignment.
  2. At any point, an All About Equestrian Employee may determine the acceptability of, and has the right to refuse or return any item found not to meet the consignment standards, even after they have been accepted.
  3. Helmets, dry rotted strap goods, dangerous tack, safety vests, grooming supplies, stable supplies and anything electrical cannot be accepted.


  1. Consignments may be accepted by chance or by appointment.  If you have many items to consign, please make an appointment.
  2. Consignor shall receive a copy of the signed Consignment Contract, which includes an Item List.
  3. A new Consignment Contract may need to be signed each time any new item is consigned. This is at the discretion of the All About Equestrian Employee.
  4. All items are consigned for a period of 3 months. Consignor is solely responsible to keep track of the contract expiry date and to follow up on any items that may have been sold in order to be compensated.
  5. Unsold goods shall be picked up within 10 days after the Contract Expiry Date.  All About Equestrian will issue only 1 courtesy call as a reminder.
  6. Any unsold items priced at or below $150 that remain at All About Equestrian after 10 days of the Consignor Contract Expiry Date, including saddles, becomes the property of All About Equestrian and may be disposed of as All About Equestrian sees fit, including but not limited to donation to charity.
  7. Items removed before the end of the consignment period shall incur a processing charge of $20 per item.


Prospective purchasers may take saddles out for trial and test ride. All About Equestrian shall receive a check, cash or credit card purchase for the full asking price from the person taking the saddle to be taken out on trial. The trial period lasts 7 days. If the saddle is not returned or is returned and not in satisfactory condition to be determined by an All About Equestrian Employee, the saddle will be considered sold and All About Equestrian will keep the payment made at the time the saddle was taken out for trial and the appropriate percentage will be paid to the Consignor.

CONSIGNOR SHALL INDEMNIFY, RELEASE, DEFEND, AND HOLDS HARMLESS FOREVER All About Equestrian, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, successors and assigns from any and all claims and liabilities, of whatsoever kind (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees), arising from or connected to the consigned goods. All About Equestrian shall use all conventional safeguards it he handling and displaying of consigned goods but has no legal responsibility for items left on consignment, either during the Contract dates or after the Contract Expiry Date.


  1. Upon sale of a consigned item, an All About Equestrian employee will record the sale on the consignors items list.
  2. If Consignor accepts store credit, All About Equestrian is entitled to a 20% commission on ANY ITEM that was sold as a consigned item.
  3. If payment is made by check/cash, All About Equestrian is entitled to a 30% commission on all other consigned items.
  4. If payment is made by check/cash for the sale of a saddle, All About Equestrian is entitled to a 35% commission.


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