T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit

Assembly Instructions

Chapter 5 - Spider Assembly

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501 Effector and Arms - Parts needed

Printed effector plate

Assembled carbon fibre diagonal arms with Traxxas rod ends x 6

M3 x 25 socket capscrews x 6

M3 Nyloc nuts x 6

M3 flat washers x 6

502 Fit captive nuts

Fit an M3 Nyloc nut into each of the  prepared nut traps in the effector.  You should be able to pull them in quite easily by hand using a M3 x  25 capscrew (note that they only go in ¾ of the way as shown in the picture).

503 Check conical ends for squareness

If the conical ends against which the Traxxas rod-ends fit are not completely flat and square, then they may need slight trimming to achieve this.

504  Fit diagonal arms

Fit one end of the arm onto an M3 x 25 capscrew, followed by an M3 washer. Fit to effector plate and tighten firmly.

There is not much clearance for the adjacent arm - it will not go past the fitted one so hold it in place first, with its washer, and then insert the bolt.

End effector and carbon fiber arms fully assembled.

505 Spider Assembly - Parts needed

Complete effector and arms assembly

Carriages x 3

M3 x 20 socket capscrews x 6

M3 Nyloc nuts x 6

M3 flat washers x 6

506 Assemble the Spider

Lay the effector and arms out as shown with the flat shiny top surface of the effector facing upwards. The carriages need to be fitted facing upwards and pointing towards the effector plate.

Fit a nyloc nut into a nut trap, insert an M3 x 20 bolt with a washer on the inside and tighten firmly.

Repeat for all 3 carriages to complete the spider. Set it aside for later.