Pt. 1: Amp

Build Resources:

Kevin Gilmore’s secret collection: http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/

Headfier Spritzer’s amps, for DIY and purchase: http://www.mjolnir-audio.com/

Wachara C.’s plug for a solid starter amp (and cans)  on the First page in the famous HF thead 

 ––TRANSFORMERS, all about them with a calculator for DIY ––

–– RECTIFIERS, all about them, PSU choices, and you  ––

The first amp design floating around, with a handy PSU:

The Egmont:

The SRX:

And after the starter amps, here is the ender amp:

KGSSHV: https://www.head-case.org/forums/topic/12330-kgsshv-carbon-build-thread/#comment-702729

Cost: ~$200 per channel for only Mouser internals, at least.  This is (one of the) the big cheese DIY ES amps, besides the legendary T2 and a few crazier Kevin Gilmore designs.  Some may argue the KGSSHV Carbon is better than T2.  Alternatively in this realm, one could go for the KGST for a slightly smaller but still high end build.  Just FYI.

Software and Board Etching Resources:

Eagle PCB layout, the industry standard. https://cadsoft.io/ 

Popular choice for high quality/low quantity boards.  Can get pricy with KG designs and demading layouts: https://oshpark.com/

How to read these schematic squiggles: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/how-to-read-a-schematic

Consider a point to point or through-hole hand wired assembly.  

Component BOM, First Amp

Appox Amp$$$ qty per amp:                where?                use:

$60                 1                        T1                        hammond power trafo, 360v

$30                2                        T2,T3                        built around fuses

$80                4                        PSU                PSU caps, big ones- try 680uf @ 400v?

$20                4                        PSU                        Diodes, at least 600v, 5a.  

$20. pr.        1                        the top, glowing :)        12ax7

$20. pr.        1                        the top, glowing :)        5965

$60                4                        Bias + -                .01uf, 600v.

$25                1                        resistor kit                4-5w, big ones

$20                2                        2.2uf                         film, good one

$10                1                        other caps (.22uf)        film, a kit will do

$20                1                        Other bigger resistors, 20m and so forth

$35                1                        Hardware: sockets, jacks, knobs, bobs, bits

TOTAL Amp Budget: $400   :)  It is 100% possible to spend way less or fathoms more on this design. This is a rough average.