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To create a frame for change that empowers people create a great life through work.


Work becomes a lens through which we see our dreams come through.


Great Life Distillery (GLD) is a platform which integrates commercial and not-for-profit work relating to innovation, intrapreneurship and #Tech4Good. It's a hybrid business model which combines commercial programs and workshops focused on purposeful innovation and design (Intrapreuners Squad, Engage2Innovate and The Purpose Pitch) and a not-for-for profit #Tech4Good hackathon (HackAccessDublin).

A founder’s purpose:

I’m driven by the purpose of transforming the culture of large corporate organisations and facilitating social impact innovation.  

Transforming corporate cultures: After working for nearly twenty years in global multi-national corporate organisations I am keen to fix the things that I believe are responsible for disengagement and poor wellbeing in these organisations. I’m driven by the desire to create cultures that support more purposeful, autonomous and creative approaches to work.

This is be achieved by:  

Social impact innovation: I believe that we all have the ability to create positive societal impact in the world; what’s more, I believe that contribution not only helps people enhance the quality of their life but can enhance their worth as an employee in the innovation economy.  

Here’s the ways I want to make an impact:

Why is this important for you the prospective client?

A conscious professional; committed to delivering thoughtful and interactive, fun and engaging programs centred on the purpose of your employees.

The events I run for Dublin’s startup community means that your employees can attend events and gain exposure to the startup community. This informal introduction is a good way to understand their working practices and approaches and apply them in their fields.  

My approach:

I’m determined, creative and forward-thinking and committed to building collaborative relationships with my clients. Whilst focused on achieving results quickly, time is spent fully understanding the challenge(s) you’re looking to solve, and the context in which they’re set.

The programs I run are based on some core principles developed during my time working in large corporate organisations:

Clients as partners

I’m committed to building open and collaborative relationships based on shared goals.   So I see my clients as partners and collaborators, equally committed to truly engaging their employees by seeing them as individuals first, then as part of a mechanism that wants to innovate and make a positive societal impact.

About me:

A qualified coach with nearly twenty years corporate experience, over ten of which were in international financial services.  A career spanning marketing, internal communication, executive support and innovation engagement, means that I am well placed to design programs tailored to the challenges experienced in complex, busy and often conflict heavy environments.

With an emphasis on building emotional intelligence, engaging inherent creativity and tapping into individual purpose, I aim to support organisations empower their employees to adopt an enterprising approach to work; beginning with achieving that elusive goal of enhancing employee engagement.  


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Medium to long term programs supporting management communicate their vision and execute it by way of purposeful innovation engagement initiatives and activities at the grassroots level.


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Intrapreneurs Squad seeks to empower aspiring corporate changemakers to succeed at purposeful innovation as intrapreneurs or future entrepreneurs.

Purpose Pitch

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Aimed at design professionals pitching to win contracts, competitions and internal innovation events.

Tech4Good @ GLD

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