Session 13

Marketing and Advertising

Sarah Smith presenting

Increasing customer base

Where to start? Ask yourself

Other considerations....

Ideas for free events

Ideas for partnering with local businesses and non-profits

Fundraisers and Programs


These events bring in members of the community who come for the event and might not have come just to market.

Customer appreciation and rewards


Growing Your Farmers' Market-UC Davis (

Managing Customer Relations-UC Davis (

When Things Don't Work: Insight into Why Farmer's Markets Close (

Clara Moore presenting

Friends of the Market programs and Social Media

Friends of the Market program

How to start?

Benefits to your market and friends of the market

Social Media


What platform to choose?

Use it as a personal connection


Posting strategies



What are ways to create advertisements for events and fundraisers?

Do all vendors have to be involved in incentive programs at a market?

How do you get local community members to like social media sites?

Do you advertise where the money for Friends of the Market goes?

Who manages the kids table?