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Policies and Procedures

Subject:  Board Member Recruitment, Terms & Resignation, Removal or Disciplinary Removal

Effective Date: Immediately

Policy Section: Administration

Supersedes Policy and Procedure No:

P & P No: 7

Approved on: 2-29-2012

Approved by: Board

Reviewed: 9-27-12, 9-23-14, 10-04-16

PURPOSE: To outline the procedure for recruitment of new members, length of terms and resignation or Termination of members to the Mariposa Project (MP) board.

RESPONSIBLE PERSON (S):  Board of Directors



Individuals sought for positions on the Mariposa Project (MP) board of directors should be considered for their enthusiasm for the work MP provided and the ability for them to travel to board retreats. 

Board members of MP or employees will bring the names and qualifications to the attention of the director at any time.

The director will call and explain all the responsibilities (see board member job description) to the potential board position to the individual/s.  The director will ask if there is interest in becoming a part of the board or ask for a date the individual will be able to make a decision.

Once the individual/s has shown interest the director will bring the name/s and qualifications to the next board meeting for review by the board.

After the board has reviewed and given permission, through a vote, the director will send a written invitation, with the next meeting date included.


Terms will be until resignation or death.


Should a board member need to resign their position they will send a written statement to the director or President to include their reasons for resignation and their last day of participation.


Death or Serious Illness

Upon the death or serious illness in which the board member cannot send a resignation or cannot fulfill the responsibilities of the position via a written statement the President will bring the situation to the board for discussion.  The board will vote for removal and the President will provide, to the best of their ability, a written document in the board files for the reason for the removal of the individual.  All documents will be preserved in the board file.

Disciplinary Removal

The board of director must first attempt to resolve any conflict/s that arise within the vision, mission and policies and procedures broken by a member of the board.  This will be done by verbal interaction, written communication, and finally, bringing the issue to the full board for discussion with the individual present.  First - The President will approach the individual, preferably face-to-face, but this can be done via telephone when the individual is at a distance.  A second notice for the same offense will be completed face-to-face or telephone, and then with a follow up letter.  Thirdly, should the situation continue, the President will bring the concern to the full board for discussion and resolution.  Resolution will be determined by a quorum vote.

Should an individual or his/her designated spokesperson be unable to provide written statement of resignation, the president will write, to the best of his/her ability, a written statement to the persons inability to communicate themselves, and what is known for the reason of the individuals resignation.


Mariposa Project

Alaska Attachment & Bonding Associates

Association for the Treatment and Training in Attachment of Children



The policy will be reviewed and revised, if necessary, bi-annually.