Academic Honesty-Next Steps Project

Now that we know what we know about academic honesty issues at our school, what are we going to do about it?

Your mission for your last project this year is to do something with what you know now about academic honesty. You can work alone or with up to two partners. (No groups of more than three.)

Potential Audiences


Potential Formats

Students at PLHS

Students in middle school

Students nationwide




The public

What do you need to tell them?

Video - PSA style

Video -narrative style (with a moral)

Slide show to present

Infographic (Digital or Paper)


Open letter

Social Media Campaign?

Something else?

All Projects Must Include

  • A clear description of the problem and the proposed solution.
  • Data from our survey, both quantitative and qualitative.
  • Cited sources/ references visible to the audience (even if it is small)
  • Your first names (last names only with parent permission)
  • Credits to anyone who helped you with the project
  • Use only copyright free or CC licensed images and materials.

Initial Ideas- Due Tuesday May 30th

You can work alone or with up to two partners. (No groups of 4)

Identify who your project partners are, and explain your initial ideas for your project.

You will submit this on a Google From in class.  Initial Ideas Form

Project proposal - Due June 2nd

You will write a 1-2 page project proposal to explain the project you plan to do.

Identify your target audience and explain why that group needs this message.

Explain the format you plan to use.

Why is that format is best for this audience?

List the key points you plan to include in your message.

Identify your group members and the roles and responsibilities of each person on the project.

Final Project due June 8th

Be ready to present and explain your project.

Final projects will be evaluated by:

Resources to help you:

Our Academic Honesty Survey data. (You probably already have this.)

Example Infographic

Example Video

Frames for writing about data

Template for a brochure

Readings about Academic Honesty:

  1. Cheating on the Rise Among High School Students
  2. With Student Cheating on the Rise, More Colleges Are Turning to Honor Codes 
  3. Beat the cheat 
  4. How Will Cheating in School Affect the Rest of Your Life? 
  5. Academic Integrity: Cheat or Be Cheated? 
  6. Study Says Cheating May Help You Get Ahead, But You'll Lose More In The End 
  7. Trabuco Hills High busts students for text message cheating on tests
  8. We also looked closely at THIS INFOGRAPHIC.

These questions may also help you:

What does the qualitative data suggest about academic honesty at PLHS?

How does data about academic honesty at PLHS compare to things you have read on this topic?

Who is impacted and how?

What should be done to address issues of academic honesty and improve our school culture?

What are some ways we could improve academic honesty at PLHS?