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If you supported the San Jose in 2018 bid financially with a pre-supporting membership (at any level) you are already in our registration system, and can probably “convert” (upgrade) your membership yourself, without any intervention required by our registrar’s team.

Bid supporters at the
Venture Capitalist level were automatically converted to full attending members, as were Friends of Bid  or Enemies of Bid who actually voted in site selection for the 76th Worldcon.

These instructions are for bid supporters who joined at the
Pre-support or Pre-Oppose level. We have already gone through the voter rolls to add your voting status to your record, so the system will offer you the correct prices for the upgrades available to you.

Everything is keyed off the email address used when you pre-supported. If you do not recall which address you used, please contact and we can look it up for you.

The process takes a few steps:

  1. If necessary, verify your email address and set a password
  2. Log into the RegOnline system
  3. Check your personal profile and privacy preferences
  4. Select you upgrade option
  5. (optional) Choose any donations you wish to make to Worldcon 76
  6. Repeat for any other registrations tied to yours
  7. Pay via the online checkout tool

If you run into problems during the upgrade process, drop a note to and we’ll help you sort things out!

Steps 0&1: if necessary verify your email address and set/retrieve your password, then log in to the RegOnline system.

Next you will see a screen like this, listing all the people in your registration group (if you paid for just one pre-support, it will obviously show only your entry)

Click on the Personal Info link for the first person in your party.

Step 2 Check your personal profile and privacy preferences

The top part of the next page is your basic contact profile. Double check that everything is correct.

If you need a change to your name or email and find that those fields are locked, contact; that information is locked to prevent casual changes without an administrator’s approval.

Next scroll down and make sure your privacy permissions are set properly, and answer the interest survey if you care to do so. IMPORTANT: If you do not give us permission to share your contact information with other Worldcons, you will not be able to nominate in the Hugos except for the 2018 awards. Our predecessor and successor are both governed by European privacy law, and we need your permission to share with them.

When you are done filling out the profile, click the Continue button to proceed to the upgrade options page.

Step 3: Select an upgrade option

On this screen, select which of the available options you wish to use to upgrade your membership.

Click on
Continue to proceed to the donations page.

Step 4: (optional) Choose any donations you wish to make to Worldcon 76

If you are willing to save Worldcon 76 the $3.55 we’re charged by RegOnline by donating that amount, thank you very much. We also have options here to donate other amounts to Worldcon 76.After making any selections on this page, click the
Continue button to proceed to the checkout page.

Step 5 Repeat for any other registrations tied to yours

(Checkout Page)

Depending on your browser, you may be presented with the list of group members again, at which point you can repeat the process for the next person, or you will proceed to the checkout page. The checkout page also lists all the members of your group, so you can click on the Make Changes link next to the next name and repeat the process.

Once you have updated all the members of your group, you can proceed to fill out the payment form and finish the process.

Step 6: Pay via the online checkout tool

You will be prompted to enter/confirm your password on the payment page. You will also be asked to agree to the terms , conditions and Code of Conduct for the convention. You may view the current draft of the Code of Conduct online.

Here is where you select the payment method you wish to use. If you are paying online,the page also features an option to begin an installment payment plan if you wish. If you are paying by check, it will display payment instructions for doing so.

Otherwise, it will display the fields for you to enter your payment information.

Click the Finish below our Refund policy, and your transaction will process.

If everything goes as expected, you’ll receive a confirmation email and the screen will display a confirmation message: