Google searching

Plus sign: The plus sign is for you to save time and words. For example when you want to search, people in motorcycles that are in mid air you search people+motorcycles + mid air. step by step instructions: To use the plus sign you have to go to then in the search bar write what you want to write and instead of using the words and, in, on you put a plus sign.

Quotation marks: When you use quotation marks it searches for those exact words and not the two separate words  for example if you search “soccer players” pages will show up with information about soccer players.

~: What this does is it will search related words to the one you searched for example if you search ~college it will search things like university.

site: When you use site: it only searches the pages of that site for example when you search only pages related to new york times will show up.                                            

What is the name of the tool?

The name of the tool is google search

What do you already know about the tool?

I knew that most of the things you searched you would find it in google.

And I use google almost everyday.

What is the main purpose of the tool?

The main purpose of google search is to find many things and information from the outside world that you need to know.

How does the tool help you become more efficient, effective, independent users of technology in your school and in your lives?

It can help you to do homework because when you need to know information you will most likely find it in google.

What level of learning have you shown in this challenge 1-4 (look at "How Am I Graded")?  Explain, reflect and use examples to back it up.

I think I deserve a 4 because Instead of finding out about 3 search tips I found out about four and I did it well. I also learned how to embed a doc into blogger by myself. And when I was done I stood up and helped people.