Official VA Groups are Below.

Tags that are strikethrough are NOT considered members

(if that's the only tag a person has)

Victoria Academy

Main group. Every member must have a tag except Everyone in this group. Otherwise, they are not a member even if they are included in other groups.

No tags from this group should be worn, every member should have a tag in another group.


VA Headmaster*

VA Headmistress*

VA Candidate non members in application phase, mandatory to wear this tag

Administrative tags:

VA Faculty & Staff

VA Student Body

VA Inactive Member: are still members, but in breaks, we’re waiting for their return.

VA Other Staff, members with notice powers and other administrative powers

VA SIM Officers

* Reason headmaster tag is not member solely on the basis of this tag is because of historical owners still have this tag, but they are not members.

Victoria Academy Student Roles

Special Student Roles



These tags should be worn with priority for the student body, if student has such tag:

VA Student-Teacher

VA Kitty

VA Photographer

VA Student Repr.

VA Teacher Assistant

These tags should be worn only in case of special events requiring them:

VA Cheerleader

Victoria Fencer

Victoria Academy Students

Main Student Body



These tags should be worn with priority if no other special roles tags present:

VA Prep Student

VA Student Boarder

Victoria Applicant

Victoria Jr. Prefect

Victoria Sr. Prefect

Victoria Student

Victoria Support Staff

Support Staff special tags




These tags should be worn with priority:

VA Groundskeeper

VA Maint Tech

VA Stables Master

VA Stables Staff

Victoria Gardener

Victoria Handyman

Victoria Nurse

Victoria Academy Teachers and Staff

Main Faculty body



These tags should be worn with priority:

VA Discipline Miss.

Va Dorm Mother

VA School Governor

VA Secretary

VA Visiting Teacher

Victoria Counselor

Victoria Doctor

Victoria Teacher

VA Special Measures





VA Discipline Head

These tags should be worn with priority above student tags, if student is member of this group:

VA Maintenance S. Maintenance Spanking Tag

VA S. Measures PINK Lowest Demerit

VA S. Measures RED

VA S. Measures BLACK Highest Demerit

VA S. Measures N.S.A Non Spanking Approach: Staff is asked NOT to spank students wearing this tag.

Victoria Academy Farm

For VA Farm

VA Farm

VA Farms Owners


These tags should be worn with priority above other tags:

VA Farm Craftsman

VA Farm Overseer

Victoria Farm Girl

Victoria Farm Head