Official #hawkenscrim rules

Channel Staff:

Creator: nonsiccus

Channel Owners: silverfire, nonsiccus

Channel Operators: Conquistador, Rei, ReEvolve, Saturnine, ThirdEyE


Below are the channel rules for #hawkenscrim. Please also keep in mind Quakenet’s network-wide rules, as they will be enforced by the channel staff. If you have any questions or feedback about these rules, please contact one of the channel staff.

No Spamming/Flooding

The channel is a place for Hawken players to come together and meet up for matches and to converse about Hawken and just in general. Spamming and/or flooding the channel actively prevents this at a fundamental level, and is not allowed. (This is additionally covered by network-wide rules, see ‘Flooding’ and ‘Spamming & Advertising’.)

No Trolling

#hawkenscrim is a channel for friendly discussion. While friendly joking and trolling of people in good faith is allowed, those looking to incite a reaction from the channel and engage in trolling made in bad faith are not allowed to do so.

No Discrimination

Discrimination, bigotry, or hate speech of any kind, towards any group will not be tolerated at any time or for any reason. We’re encouraging a friendly and inclusive environment here, and making anyone feel uncomfortable or unwelcome is strictly not permitted. This includes any hate speech or attacks based on one’s country of origin, cultural heritage, ethnicity, gender, physical or mental handicap, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation.

No Personal Attacks

Discussion occurs in #hawkenscrim across a broad range of topics, and is a hub for people to talk to each other. Personal attacks disrupt normal discussion and the welcoming nature of the chat room, and are not allowed.

No Explicit Content

While #hawkenscrim is a mature channel, explicit content will not be tolerated at all, and posting such content at the minimum will result in being kicked from the channel. Posting “NSFW” or any other type of warning does not exempt you from action from the channel staff. Examples of ‘explicit content’: Pornography, ‘Shock images’, videos/images of real life violence. If you are unsure what constitutes ‘explicit content’, please contact any of the channel staff for more info. (This is additionally covered by a network-wide rule, see ‘Pornography’.)

No Ban Evasion

Channel bans are a consequence of violating the channel rules. Evading bans will be met with an additional ban as well as an increase in duration on the original ban.

No Auto-Rejoin on Kick

Channel kicks are given primarily to give a person a ‘cool-off’ period, where they can recollect themselves before rejoining the channel, as well as being a consequence of violating the channel rules. Clients with an ‘auto-rejoin-on-kick’ feature (where you automatically rejoin a channel upon being kicked, not to be confused with auto-joining a channel on connect) enabled may be issued a short (30 seconds to 1 minute) ban to enforce this cool-off period. Please note that people manually rejoining the channel are not required to wait this period of time before rejoining.

No Impersonation

Impersonating another person (whether they are a user, an operator, or a Hawken developer) causes confusion, misunderstandings, inhibits normal channel moderation, and is also dishonest, and is disallowed. This includes ‘nick swapping’ (taking someone else’s nick after they change their own nick); anyone who switches to someone else’s nick will be asked to change to another nick.


Those not following to the rules will be subject to the consequences below. Given the severity of the incident and/or the history of the users involved, lower levels may be skipped in response to extreme offenses.

General Channel Moderation

Any and all actions, including but not limited to kicks and bans, are issued at the operator’s or owner’s discretion.  Actions may be issued without a prior reminder or warning.


For minor offenses or borderline issues, a notice to the persons in question will be given as a friendly reminder.


For the typical offense, a warning will be given to the persons in question.

Final Warning

As last chance for the persons in question to stop before further action is taken, a final warning will be given.

Channel Kick

For continued offences or significant issues, the persons in question will be kicked from the channel, with the reason given in the kick message.

Temporary Ban + Kick

For repeated or continued offences, a temporary ban will be issued, with the reason given in the kick message. The duration of the ban varies depending on the situation, and can be requested from any channel operator.

Permanent Ban

For continued offences to where the only remaining solution is to remove the user in question permanently from the channel, a permanent ban will be issued. The reason will be given in the kick message.

Bot Rules and Misc.

These are a list of rules for using the bot and other misc things that don’t go elsewhere. No real punishments are given for these, unless they also violate other rules.

No self grabbing for quotes

!grab already prevents you from using it on yourself. Attempting to evade this is not allowed, and any quotes created this way will be deleted.