All of us are extremely highly paid and do this work because we have nothing else to do all day long and we patiently wait all day looking for something to do.

me for web front page small size.jpgCaption: Theresa

Role: Glue, organiser and task master.

Superpower: Awesome vegan cook and time traveller.

Bio:  Raised on an island in Qld, lived in Melbourne for eight years and Tassie now for eight. I love growing food, meditation, kirtan singing, eating good food and relaxation. My favourite colour alternates, my favourite number is eight. I believe in community, compassion, being positive, Faeries and love.

kate's bio image.png

Caption: Kate

Role: Investigative reporter, writer, community green thumb, host of hc meetings

Superpower: The ability to walk into any shop and find exactly what I am looking for, and it turn out to be the most expensive thing they have!

Bio: After 50 years in Adelaide, a year in France and 6 years in Tasmania my passions have come to revolve around local, seasonal food, promoting whole foods and gardening. I love my kayak and Tasmanian waterways and am a keen rower of our community built skiff. Everything I do has a basis of ethics. I can see the big picture and look to it often as my guide. I will not be swayed by popular opinion, peer group pressure or money; I have always been this way and have always stood firm and taken the inevitable consequences of it. A friend once told me I am full of ideas; wise and otherwise and my mother brought me up to have a backbone not a wishbone! This being said, I am also hopelessly romantic and flattery will get you everywhere :-)


Caption: Anne

Superpower: A license to Cake (007)

Role: Investigative reporter, writer and glue

Bio: A relatively new resident of Cygnet, we moved here because this is a community. Being part of a community is very important to me, and I believe we must all add our 'bit' to the mix to make it successful. So here I am, adding my 'bit' to the Huon Crier every month, and looking for other ways to get involved, and to be part of making Cygnet a wonderful place to live. We live on a block near the middle of Cygnet - 2 houses, one for us, one for my daughter, son-in-law and their four children. This also gives me a special interest in making sure our town has facilities for all ages, not just us older residents, Originally from the north of England, a retired teacher and avid walker and explorer. If I haven't met you yet, you might have seen me trekking around Cygnet every day, or heard my English accent in the IGA - say hello, I'd love to meet you!

Photo to come

Caption: Lucy

Role: Health and science reporter, stool interpreter and natural health wizard.
Superpower: Time-dimension traveller (dancing is my portal).

Bio: Though originally from the Adelaide Hills, Southern Tasmania has always felt like home, and now it truly is! Living simply and contently is mine and my family's goal, always aligned with our values in natural and holistic living. I love the essence of true scientific enquiry and am always changing, developing and becoming an even more complex contradiction of a woman because of this! I’m a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Dance and meditation facilitator, mother (mildly qualified) and a wife (mostly qualified). I love this community and want to be of service in any way possible and to share in the goodness that surrounds us all.

Magic 6.3.2014 105.jpg

Caption: Lesley & Magic the Welsh Cob

Role: Lellywords puzzles and think tank

Superpower: Recite  Benny Hill's 'Ernie, The Fastest Milkman In The West'.

Bio: Creator of ‘Lellywords’.
Aged mare, 15.1½ hands high, English/Welsh cross. Exported to W.A. at age 16. Arrived Tassie 2005. Basic schooling only, but sound in wind, limb & eye. Can lack boldness when faced with big obstacles, but a useful sort & willing to please.
Likes riding, cryptic crosswords, Scrabble, playing trumpet (Huon Valley Concert Band), reading, drawing, pyrography, table tennis, British humour. Any skills have been mostly self-taught, hence is fairly useful at some but master of none.
Has two black horses, a black cat, a sweet tooth and about 27 others.

Nick and little star sept ss 2015.jpg

Caption: Nick and Little Star

Role: Tech man

Superpower: Doing all jobs at least twice & eating scrumdiliumptious vegan food.

Bio: I am married Theresa (above) and thus I became involved with the Huon Crier. I love living near Cygnet and being connected to this loving community.

I was brought up in Tasmania, have five children (4 from a previous marriage) and I work as a school teacher in the local area.

Some of my aims in life are to be as loving, friendly, happy and mindful as possible.


Caption: Brian

Role: Printing and distribution

Superpower: Superfast builder (for his age!)

Bio: As a retired builder I find myself working harder than I have for a long time! My days are spent working on building the houses in Cygnet, dodging the showers, being buffeted by the winds, and hoping frosty mornings are a rare occurrence.

I hope to have time to become a full time retired resident of Cygnet during 2016, to get to know lots of local people and to sit around the local cafes eating cake and drinking coffee. In the meantime, give me a wave as you drive by our house building site on the main road....