1. It helped me to defeat my shyness. – Haszonits Andrea

2. The project gave me a chance to make new friends. – Járóka Dalma

3. It strengthened my confidece in foreign language communication.– Jánoki Andrea


4. It forced me to speak English and to understand others. – Dombi Olivér

5. I got to know the habits and traditions of other nations with the help of the project. - Erdélyi Franciska

6. I gained lots of new information about the participating countries. – Jánoki Andrea

7. One of the most unforgettable weeks of my life. - Sári Karolin

8. It made me more open to the world! - Reider Dóra

9. It helped me to learn how to speak with a person who doesn't speak English very well. – Kránitz Bence

10. Comenius project is a very big adventure, a big chance, and a lot of fun! – Mók Donát

11. The project made me realize that true friendships can not only exist between two people with the same mother tongue. – Ladocsi Lilla

12. I could get to such beautiful places that I would have no opportunity to visit. – Mátrai Dorina

13. A really great experience with wonderful people! – Vidéki Márk

14. Farewells wet with tears. – Katona Bianka

15. Staying at strangers for a week taught me to be more adaptable. – Jánoki Andrea

16. I could break some of my stereotypes thanks to the project. – Ács Veronika

17. It was an adventure to live through my first flight. – Varga Vivien

18. I got familiar with foreign people’s mentality. – Nyári Ákos

19. We could experience cooperation. – Botosné Mészáros Krisztina

20. It was great to taste many dishes from different countries. – Császári Ildikó